How to Get BBC Sounds on Apple TV

BBC Sounds on Apple TV

BBC Sounds are the best destination to explore a variety of podcasts, music, and live shows. It is the home of local BBC Radio stations. Users can also get personalized recommendations to discover new audios, based on their likes. With BBC Sounds app, It is possible to download the content and listen to your shows offline. You can also send your favorite tracks from BBC Sounds to other audio services like Apple Music or Spotify. Let’s see how to get the BBC Sounds on Apple TV.

You can find BBC Sounds app on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is surprising to see that the BBC Sounds app is not available for Apple TV devices. So, to access the BBC Sounds app, you have to use some other workarounds.

Ways to Play BBC Sounds on Apple TV

  • Using your iPhone
  • Using a web browser on your Mac.

How to Play BBC Sounds on Apple TV Using AirPlay from iPhone

Make sure that your iPhone runs with iOS 11.3 version or later to download BBC Sounds app. In addition, also make sure that both the devices (iPhone and Apple TV) are connected to the same WiFi network.

1) Enter the App Store on your iPhone.

2) Search for BBC Sounds app and Install it on your phone.

3) Go to the Settings option on your Apple TV and select the AirPlay option.

4) Under the AirPlay and HomeKit options, turn on the AirPlay option to mirror your iPhone with Apple TV.

5) Now, go to the Control Center, and select the Screen Mirroring option.

Under Control Center select Screen Mirroring on your iPhone

6) Select your Apple TV device to which you want to mirror your iPhone.

7) Next, open the BBC Sounds app and selects any content on it.

8) Now, the content from BBC Sounds app will stream on your TV screen.

How to Stream BBC Sounds on Apple TV using Mac

Before you begin, make sure that you have the latest version of macOS software and Apple TV. In addition, connect the Apple TV and Mac to the same WiFi network.

1) Open the browser on your Mac PC and go to BBC Sounds official website.

2) On the BBC Sounds website, click the Sign in option.

Visit BBC Sounds website using browser.

3) Login with your BBC Sounds credentials.

to BBC Sounds account.

4) Select the content and click the AirPlay icon in the quick menu bar.

5) Under that, select Mirror Apple TV from the list.

click AirPlay in the quick menu and select Mirror Apple TV

6) Click on your Apple TV device to which you want to mirror your Mac screen.

7) Finally, the content playing on the Mac PC will automatically be mirrored on your Apple TV screen.

In BBC Sounds, you can listen to music and podcasts in 5 different languages. Additionally, it provides attractive personalization features to discover new audio that you will love.


1. Does BBC Sounds have geo-restrictions?

BBC Sounds app is available for international users. But, the app is not available in some countries, like India, China, and Vietnam.

2. Is BBC Sounds available on Apple TV?

No, BBC Sounds app is not available for Apple TV. It is under development.