How to Stream C-SPAN on Apple TV [Alternative Ways]

C-Span on Apple TV

Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, shortly known as C-SPAN, is an American-based cable TV channel network that has got three different channels. It has C-SPAN for the U.S House of Representatives, C-SPAN2 for the U.S Senate, C-SPAN3 for Government hearings and political programs. There is even a dedicated radio service if you don’t want to stream on television. It is a cross-platform app, and you can stream the C-SPAN Channel on Apple TV as well.

C-SPAN doesn’t have an official TV Everywhere app on the Apple App Store or any other platform for that matter. So to stream the channel, you can stream in via the official website. Or you can stream with the supported live TV streaming service providers like DIRECTV Stream.

How to Stream C-SPAN on Apple TV using Screen Mirroring from iOS

(1) Connect your Apple TV streaming device to your TV.

(2) Turn on the device and connect it to an internet network.

(3) Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same Wifi network as that your Apple TV.

(4) On your iPhone, open the Safari browser or any other web browser for that matter.

(5) Visit and choose to watch live TV option.

C-Span on Apple TV

(6) Select any of the pay-TV service providers that you are subscribed to.

C-Span on Apple TV

(7) Log in with the given user name and password.

(8) On the successful login, live TV contents will load.

(9) Now, pull the Contol Center on the iPhone from the top or bottom of the screen.

(10) Tab the Screen Mirroring option.

C-Span on Apple TV

(11) Select your Apple TV from the list of available devices.

Choose Your Device

(12) Once the screen gets mirrored to the Apple TV, you can start streaming the live TV.

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Alternative Way to Stream C-SPAN on Apple TV

(1) On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store.

(2) Search for Mirroring 360 App.

(3) Install the C-SPAN app from Play Store on your android device.

Screen Mirror Android TV

(4) Connect your Apple TV and Android smartphone to the same Wifi network.

(5) Launch any web browser and go to the official site of C-SPAN.

(6) Choose the watch Live TV option and then select cable or satellite TV service provider.

(7) Go ahead and enter your username and password to Sign in to your account.

(8) Once the Live TV starts loading, minimize the browser and launch the mirroring 360 apps.

(9) On the welcome screen, choose the Apple TV.

(10) On the pop-up dialog, choose the Start Now option.

(11) Once the screen gets mirrored, visit the C-SPAN website and start streaming live TV.

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Try This: DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream, formerly known as AT&T TV, is a live TV streaming service in the USA. It is one of the largest streaming services with 100s of live channels and 65000+ Video On Demand content. The streaming service provider also features the C-SPAN live TV channel, among others. The subscription options are:

  • Entertainment – $64.99/month for 65+ channels
  • Choice – $84.99/month for 90+ channels
  • Ultimate – $94.99/month for 130+ channels
  • Premier – $139.99/month for 140+ channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is C-SPAN on Apple TV?

There is no dedicated C-SPAN app for Apple TV or any other device for that matter. Choose to stream from the site or with the DIRECTV stream.

2. Can I watch C-SPAN with Sling TV?

No, you cannot watch the C-SPAN channel with Sling TV or YouTube TV.