How to Stream Cartoon Network on Apple TV

Cartoon Network on Apple TV

Cartoon Network is one of the popular entertainment channels by kids, adults, and almost everyone. With a huge fan base, it is available an app for different operating systems. However, this section covers useful details regarding Cartoon Network on Apple TV. Upon installing it, you can catch-up on the latest full episodes of award-winning cartoon shows. This includes Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Uncle Grandpa, etc. Aside, you can stream unlocked full-length episodes without login. Cartoon Network will bring you a personalized video mix based on shows you like.

Cartoon Network app is available on the App Store and can be installed on Apple TV with ease. However, you can install the app only on Apple TV models like 4K and HD. For older models, you have to screen mirror or cast the app from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get Cartoon Network on Apple TV

(1). After connecting your Apple TV to the internet, launch App Store from the home screen.

Select App Store

(2). From the menu bar on the top, select the Search option from the top-right.

(3). Navigate on the on-screen keyboard and type Cartoon Network.

(4). Select the app to get the installation screen.

Cartoon Network on Apple TV - Select Cartoon Network tile

(5). Hover to the Get icon to begin the download process of the Cartoon Network app.

(6). Wait for the installation to complete.

(7). Finally, select the Open button to launch the Cartoon Network app.

Procedure to Activate Cartoon Network on Apple TV

(1). From the apps section, select the Cartoon Network app.

(2). Make a note of the activation code shown on the TV.

(3). Now, open a browser on your smartphone or PC.

(4). Go to Cartoon Network Activation website.

(5). Enter the activation code and press the Submit button.

(6). When prompted, log in with your TV provider.

(7). Now, the app will refresh the screen, and you can start streaming Cartoon Network shows.

Cartoon Network on Apple TV

How to AirPlay Cartoon Network on Apple TV

(1) Install the Cartoon Network app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

(2) Connect both your iOS device and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

(3) Open the Cartoon Network app and play any video title.

(4) On the playback screen, tap the AirPlay icon on the top of the screen.

AirPlay icon

(5) Now, choose your Apple TV from the list of devices.

Cartoon Network on Apple TV

(6) After that, the video will appear on your Apple TV.

That was all about streaming Cartoon Network on Apple TV. Start streaming your favorite cartoon shows and episodes at any time. In case if you need any clarifications, then connect us through the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple TV have Cartoon Network?

Yes, you can install the app from the App Store.

Do you have to pay for the Cartoon Network app?

With your cable TV subscription, you can watch all the shows available in the app for free.