How to Download Crackle on Android TV [Two Ways]

Crackle on Android TV

Crackle is an excellent streaming service that currently features a solid variety of classic movies and TV shows along with new releases. It also offers a growing number of titles exclusive to Crackle. While the service is free to use without an account, it is recommended to sign up for a free Crackle account to unlock more features, including parental control. With that, you can also browse the content from different categories, including Sci-Fi, Crime Time, New on Crackle, Fantasy, etc. You can select any movie or show and add them to the Watch Later list to easier access them. Currently, the most viewed shows you can watch on Crackle are The Real Ghost Buster, NewsRadio, Hell’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Angels, and more. It is a TV Everywhere app, and you can download and watch Crackle on Android TV. Follow the below session for the installation procedure.

How to Get Crackle on Android TV from Google Play Store

[1] Connect your Android TV to a strong internet connection.

[2] Navigate to the Google Play Store and tap the Search bar.

Select Google Play Store

[3] Type and search for Crackle. When you get the search result, choose the Crackle appliaction.

Search Crackle

[4] To proceed further, click the Install button to start installing the app.

[5] Wait for the Crackle app download to complete. Click Open, and the Crackle will launch on your TV.

[6] Log in to your Crackle account with the necessary details.

[7] That’s it! You’re done. Enjoy streaming Crackle TV app on your TV screen.

Watch Crackle on Android TV

Alternative Way: Cast Crackle to Android TV

Apart from installing the Crackle app, you can even cast the Cackle content to your Android TV. Here are the two ways to do so.

From Android/iPhone

[1] Connect your smartphone and Android TV to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Download the Crackle from Google Play Store or App Store.

[3] Launch the app, log in to the account, and choose any video you want to cast.

[4] Tap the Cast icon and select your Android TV from the available device list

Crackle on Android TV- Tap Cast icon

[5] Finally, the Sony Crackle app video will be cast from your smartphone and played on your Android TV.

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From PC Browser

[1] To the same WiFi network, connect your PC and Android TV.

[2] Open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac and visit the Crackle Website.

[3] Choose any video content that you want to cast.

[4] Right-click on the screen or click the Three dotted icons from the Chrome browser.

[5] Click Cast option followed to that select Source > Cast tab.

Click Cast

[6] From the available device list, choose your Android TV.

[7] The Crackle video will start to play on your TV screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Android TV have Crackle?

Yes, the Crackle is available on Android TV.

2. How do I download Crackle TV?

Go to the respective App Store, search for the Crackle app and install it on your device.