How to Install and Stream Discovery Plus on Apple TV

Discovery Plus app is the newest streaming platform app is filled with interesting content from science, space, nature, and recent discoveries. In addition to that, Discovery Plus also offers TV shows, award-winning documentaries, movies, originals, and much more. Now, Discovery Plus can also be downloaded on Apple TV.

In Discovery Plus, you can watch your favorite TV shows like Food factory, Man VS Wild, Gold Rush, and shorts videos from technology, and DIY clips+. You get all the video content in full HD quality.

Steps to Install Discovery Plus on Apple TV

[1] Turn on your Apple TV and connect it with a good internet connection.

[2] Navigate to the App Store and open it.

Discovery Plus on Apple TV- launch the tv screen

[3] On the top of the screen, select the Search icon.

Discovery Plus on Apple TV- select the search icon

[4] Type Discovery plus or Discovery + and press enter to search.

[5] Select the Discovery Plus app icon from the suggestion list and click the Download button.

[6] After download, you need to select Open to launch.

[7] Finally, the Discovery Plus will get appear on your Apple TV screen, and you can start to watch the app content.

How to Sign Up Discovery Plus on Apple TV

[1] Go to and select the Start 7-Day Free Trial.

[2] You need to choose your preferred plan and then click the Continue button.

[3] Then, type the Username and Password. Then, select Agree and continue option.

[4] Next page, you need to enter your payment details and click Agree and Continue.

[5] Once the payment is completed, open the Discovery Plus app on your TV and sign in with the subscribed account.

[6] Then, stream your favorite video content from the Discovery Plus app.

How to AirPlay Discovery Plus on Apple TV

[1] Install the Discovery Plus on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

Note: Connect your iOS device and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

[2] Sign in with the subscribed Discovery Plus account.

[3] Play any of the video content from the Discovery Plus app.

[4] Now, on the playback screen, tap the AirPlay icon.

[5] On the list of devices, choose your Apple TV device.

[6] Now, the video will appear on your Apple TV.

You can use any one of the above mentioned methods to get the Discovery + app on your Apple TV. Download and enjoy watching the shows in your preferred languages and share them with your loved ones. You will get a safe learning experience through the Discovery Plus app.

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1. Is Discovery Plus available on Apple TV?

Yes, Discovery Plus is available on App Store. But as of now, it supports only the latest Apple models like Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

2. How do I add the Discovery Plus on Apple devices?

You can either get the Discovery Plus from the App Store or cast the app from your iPhone.