How to Install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

discovery+ on samsung smart tv

Discovery Plus is a great video streaming platform used by an enormous number of users in recent times. The app gives you entertainment content at an affordable price. Moreover, it is one of the popular apps to feature built-in parental controls. Even the Samsung Smart TV users can stream Discovery plus on their TV screens. The article has clearly discussed the steps on how to add the Discovery Plus app to Samsung Smart TV.

Discovery+ on Samsung Smart TV

Discovery+ offers you unlimited TV shows, episodes, documentaries, originals, etc., in HD quality. Get a safe learning experience by watching educative shows and informative short videos. The app has interesting content from food and lifestyle, science, space, wildlife, and nature in 8 different languages. As of now, Discovery Plus is currently available only on selected devices.

How to Download Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

The Discovery Plus supports the Samsung Smart TV 2017 model and later. You can easily download the Discovery Plus app on your smart tv by following the below-mentioned steps.

[1] Turn on your Samsung Smart TV, and connect it with a good internet connection.

[2] Click the Smart Hub button from your smart tv remote.

[3] The screen will show you the Apps Store and then click the Apps section.

[4] Click the Search icon from the top of the screen.

Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV- click the search icon

[5] Now, type Discovery plus or Discovery + in the search field and search for the app.

[6] Select the Discovery plus app and click on the Install button to start downloading the app.

[7] When the app gets installed, you need to click on the Open option to launch it on your TV.

[8] Now, you can stream the Discovery Plus Samsung Smart TV app content by signing in.

How to Sign Up for Discovery Plus

[1] Open, select the Start free trial option, and get the 7 days free trial to access the app content.

click free trail

[2] On the next page, you need to select your preferred plan ($4.99 or $6.99) and click the Continue option.

[3] Enter your Username and Password. Then, click the Agree and Continue button.

enter the details

[4] Provide your payment details and select the Agree and Continue option on the next page.

Discovery Plus on Samsung smart tv

[5] Now, you can start to stream your favorite content from the app on your big TV screen.

The steps given above will help you download and sign up for Discovery+ on your Samsung Smart TV. Download and enjoy your favorite movies, originals, tv shows, and much more on Discovery Plus at the most affordable price.

Alternative Ways to Stream Discovery Plus on Samsung TV

Discovery+ is available on the Play Store and App Store. So, you can transfer the same to your Samsung TV through different means.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV Via AirPlay

If your Samsung Smart TV is of 2018 and a later model, you can AirPlay Discovery+. It is important to carry out the below procedure after updating your Samsung TV with the latest version.

[1] Connect your Samsung TV and your iOS device to the same WIFI.

[2] Navigate to the Apps section to launch the App Store.

[3] Search for the Discovery Plus app and choose the same when you get the suggestions.

[4] Tap on the Get button on the app info window on the App Store to download the app.

[5] Launch the app after the installation.

[6] Provide your login details and sign in to your Samsung TV.

[7] Now, play any content on the Discovery+ app and hit the AirPlay icon. If you don’t find it, select the Share icon and choose AirPlay.

AirPlay Discovery+ on Samsung TV

[8] Select your Samsung TV, and you will find your iPhone/iPad screen with Discovery+ on your TV.

How to Watch Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV Via SmartThings App

With the help of the SmartThings app installed on your Android or iPhone, you can stream Discovery+ on Samsung TV.


  • Download Discovery+ from the App Store and Play Store for iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet.

[1] Use the same WIFI or internet connection on your Samsung TV and your smartphone.

[2] Download the SmartThings app on your Android and iOS devices from the respective App Store.

[3] Open the SmartView app on your smartphone and select the Add Device option.

[4] Now, choose your Samsung TV and enter the PIN.

[5] Further, you shall click on the Smart View option to mirror the screen.

[6] Now, launch the Discovery+ app on your handheld.

[7] Finally, select content on your phone, and it will play on your Samsung TV.

Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

How to Get Discovery Plus on TV

Besides Samsung TV, you shall get Discovery+ on other smart TV. Click on the respective links for the installation procedure.

That was all about installing and streaming Discovery+ on Samsung TV. With this app, you can stream unlimited shows and documentaries in HD quality. It is most preferred for infotainment and lifestyle content. With one account, you can stream the channel on two screens simultaneously.


Is Discovery Plus available on Samsung smart TV?

Yes. You can install the Discovery+ app on your Samsung smart TV from the Apps section. Read the above section to how about the steps to download the app.

How do I get Discovery plus on my smart TV?

You can watch Discovery Plus on Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, Android Smart TV, Google TV, etc.

Why is Discovery Plus not working on Samsung Smart TV?

If Discovery+ is not working on Samsung TV, you should reset your TV. So, unplug your TV from the power socket and let it stay idle for a minute. You can then plug it back to use Discovery+ on Samsung Smart TV.

Why is Discovery Plus not on Samsung Smart TV?

If there is no Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV, it means your TV isn’t compatible with the app.