How to Watch Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

Every one of us loves watching cartoons and shows. Disney Plus is giving a plethora of video content for every age group. Apart from Disney content, we get Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. So, it is worth having Disney Plus on your smart TV. You can download various apps from the LG Content Store. Moreover, the Disney Plus app is available on the LG Content Store. Here is how to watch Disney Plus on LG Smart TV.

Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

You can download and watch Disney Plus on LG Smart TVs from 2016 and later, or TVs with webOS 3.0 or more. Unfortunately, the LG smart TVs running with NetCast wouldn’t support the Disney Plus app. However, you can cast the Disney Plus app from your smartphone or PC to your LG TV.

How to Install Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

Step 1: Turn on your LG TV and connect it to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet.

Step 2: Press the Home button on your TV remote. It will take you to the home screen.

LG TV Home screen - Content Store

Step 3: Then choose the LG Content Store and open it.

LG TV Content Store

Step 4: Hover to the Search box and click on it.

Step 5: Type Disney Plus in the search box.

Step 6: Go to the apps category. Choose the Disney Plus app.

Step 7: On the app info page, click Install.

Disney+ on LG Smart TV

Step 8: Launch the Disney Plus app. Log in with your existing account credentials.

And that’s it you can start enjoying your favorite content on your LG smart TV.

Alternative Way to Watch Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TVs support screen mirroring with the Miracast feature. With that, you can cast Disney Plus videos from your smartphone or PC.

Cast Disney Plus on LG Smart TV: Using Smartphone

1). Make sure to have your smartphone and LG TV connected on the same WiFi network.

2). Install the Disney Plus app on your smartphone.

3). Install LG TV Plus app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

LG TV Plus app

4). Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup process.

5). After the mobile has been mirrored to the TV screen, open the Disney Plus app and start streaming.

6). The video you play will be projected on the LG TV screen.

Choose any one of the ways mentioned above to watch Disney Plus on your LG Smart TV. Comment on your favorite Disney shows in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get Disney plus on my LG TV UK?

As the Disney Plus app is available in the UK, you can install the app from the LG Content Store without any issues.

2. Where is App Store on LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV doesn’t have App Store like iOS devices. Instead of that, all the LG Smart TV has LG Content Store.