How to Stream Fox Now on Apple TV [Easy Guide]

Fox Now on Apple TV

Fox Now offers you Fox shows and on-demand videos a day after new episodes are aired. You can also watch sports games, the latest news and more. To access content from Fox Now, you should have paid TV provider subscription. Fox Now is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, and more. So, without any difficulty, we can watch it on Apple TV.

From June 17, 2021, Fox Now won’t be available in Apple TV third Gen and lower models. So if you have Apple TV 3rd generation, you have to screen mirror the app from your iOS device.

Steps to Stream Fox Now on Apple TV

1) Launch your Apple TV and go to the Home screen.

2) In that, select the App Store.

Go to App Store to watch Fox Now on Apple TV

3) Select Search from the top panel.

4) Type and search for the Fox Now app.

5) Next, click on the Fox Now app icon from the list of apps shown.

Click on the Fox Now app icon

6) Click on Get to download the Fox Now app.

7) Then, tap Open to launch the Fox Now app.

8) Once launched, you will find Activate TV button on Fox Now homepage, click on it.

9) Now, you will get an activation code on your TV screen.

10) Visit the Fox Now activation website.

11) Next, log in with your TV provider subscription.

12) Once logged in, enter the activation code and click on Submit.

13) Now, the Fox Now app will be activated on your TV, and you can watch any video content.

How to Screen Mirror Fox Now on Apple TV

1) Connect your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad to the same WIFI network.

2) Download and install Fox Now app from the App Store.

3) Go to Control Center and select the Screen Mirroring option.

4) Select your Apple TV from the list of devices shown.

screen mirror your iOS device to watch Fox Now on Apple TV

5) Now, your entire iOS screen will be mirrored to your Apple TV.

6) Then, launch the Fox Now app and watch your favorite content on your TV.

Fox Now on Apple TV Not Working

If you have any issues with the Fox Now app, try the below solutions.

  • Close the Fox Now app and reopen it sometime later.
  • Ensure that your Apple TV is receiving enough internet connection.
  • Clear cache files on Apple TV and try again.
  • If nothing works, contact Fox support and get your issue resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Fox Now on Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch Fox Now using your Apple TV with ease.

2. Is Fox Now free?

Fox Now is free to download, but to access the contents, you must have a paid TV provider subscription.