How to Watch GolfPass on Apple TV [Easy Guide]

GolfPass on Apple TV

GolfPass is a membership that connects golfers to every aspect of the game. It integrates the best golf into one convenient, affordable membership. It also offers a trial membership. At the end of your trial, your GolfPass membership will be continued automatically till you choose to remain a member. GolfPass is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Roku. If you have an Apple TV streaming device, you can get the GolfPass from the App Store.

Apple TV streams the contents in 4K and HD quality, so you will get an amazing experience in watching the contents on Apple TV. GolfPass membership costs $9.99 per month and $99 per annum. You can get the GolfPass membership in two levels, which are GolfPass Video and GolfPass+. GolfPass Video is subscription content that comes with monthly and annual plans. GolfPass+ is an annual membership.

Steps to Watch GolfPass on Apple TV

1) Launch your Apple TV and go to App Store.

Go to App store to watch GolfPass on Apple TV

2) Go to the Search option, which is the last option.


3) In that, search for the GolfPass app.

4) Click the GolfPass app icon on the next screen.

5) Click on Get to download the GolfPass app.

6) Once downloaded, tap the Open button.

7) To sign into the GolfPass app, click on Settings.

8) Next, click on Login and follow the onscreen prompts to activate your GolfPass account.

9) Now, you can start stream Golf channels on your Apple TV.

How to Screen Mirror GolfPass on Apple TV

1) Connect your iPhone/iPad and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

2) Download and install GolfPass app from the App Store.

3) Open Control Center on your iPhone/iPad and select Screen Mirroring.

Select screen mirroring to watch GolfPass on Apple TV

4) Then, select your Apple TV from the list.

5) Now, your iPhone/iPad screen will be mirrored on Apple TV.

6) Launch the GolfPass app and sign in with your account.

7) Stream any video, it will appear on your Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Golf Pass include PGA Tour live?

Yes, GolfPass includes PGA Tour and all the other international Golf tours.

2. Can I watch GolfPass videos for free?

Some aired matches are available for free in the Freeview section.