How to Access Google Chrome on Apple TV

Google Chrome on Apple TV

Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most popular web browsers. While it is a cross-platform browser, you cannot get the official Chrome web browser on Apple TV as the device is not designed to work with any browsers. The main reason behind it is that users may not find it convenient to work with a web browser using the remote controller. If you still prefer to use Chrome on Apple TV, you shall rely on the screen mirroring technique. i.e., you can cast the Chrome web browser from the iPhone to Apple TV. In addition, you can also cast the web browser on Apple TV from Mac. In this post, you will be exploring how to access Google Chrome on Apple TV in both ways.

How to Get Google Chrome on Apple TV

Until the official launch of Google Chrome for tvOS, you can screen mirror the browser tabs to your Apple TV from iPhone and Mac PC.

Screen Mirror Chrome on Apple TV from iPhone

Follow the guidelines to screen mirror Chrome browser from iPhone to Apple TV.

1) Ensure that Apple TV is connected under the same network as iPhone.

2) Enable the AirPlay feature on Apple TV. Go to Settings in Apple TV and Enable Airplay.

Select AirPlay in Apple TV Settings

3) Open the Chrome browser on your iPhone. If the browser is not available, Get the Chrome browser from App Store. Visit the web page you want to screen mirror.

Get Chrome app from App Store

4) Enable the AirPlay feature on iPhone by selecting the Screen Mirroring option in Control Center.

5) It will search for devices under the same network. Select your device Apple TV from the list.

Enable Screen Mirroring in iPhone

6) If it asks for a passcode, enter the passcode that appears on the Apple TV screen on the iPhone screen. Finally, the iPhone screen will be mirrored on the Apple TV screen.

Enter passcode to AirPlay from iPhone to Apple TV

Thus, the web page opened in the iPhone Chrome browser will now appear on the Apple TV screen.

The Chrome app is compatible with all iOS devices with version 11.0 or higher. However, this Chrome browser is added as the default browser in the new models of iOS devices that have version 14. To get Chrome as the default browser on iPhone or iPad, you may need to update it to the latest version.

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AirPlay Chrome on Apple TV from Mac

Since Mac is AirPlay compatible, you can get Chrome on Apple TV from Mac. But make sure you have the latest Mac and Apple TV software for AirPlay to work without issues. In addition, connect the Apple TV and Mac to the same WiFi network.

1) If the Chrome browser is not available on Mac, go to Google’s official site and download Chrome.

Download Chrome for Mac

2) There, click the Download Chrome option. Now you will be prompted to select what kind of Mac computer you are using. Select Mac with Intel Chip, and now Chrome browser will download automatically.

  • If it doesn’t download, tap the option Download Chrome manually.
choose type of Mac computers

3) Tap on the Google Chrome icon and open the Chrome browser in Your Mac system.

4) Visit your favorite site, select the content and click the AirPlay icon in the quick menu bar of the Mac system.

5) Select your Apple TV device name to which you want to mirror your Mac screen.

Mirror from Mac to Apple TV

Finally, the content playing in Mac System will be automatically mirrored on your Apple TV screen.

The voice search in Chrome is more accurate when compared to the Safari browser. Chrome is a better alternative for Safari on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad. However, the Chrome browser drains more power than the Safari browser. It is the reason for Safari to work better than the Chrome browser.


1. Is there any other web browsers in Apple TV App Store?

There is currently no web browsers app available on the TV App Store.

2. Chrome or Safari? Which one is better?

Safari beats Chrome on the Mac PC, because it works seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, and it is better at protecting privacy. For both iOS and Mac users, Safari will be the best browser to save battery life. However, Chrome is better if you have Android devices or WindowsOS.

3. How to change the default web browser back to Safari on Mac?

If you have changed your default browser from Safari and want to get back to Safari,
* In Mac, choose Apple Menu >> select System Preferences >> click General.
* Click Default Web browser and choose Safari.