How to Close Apps on Apple TV [Different Ways]

How to Close Apps on Apple TV

When apps don’t behave properly, the best thing to do is force quit them. Apple TV is one of the best streaming devices that comes with a new and intuitive interface where you can download apps from the App Store. Like, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac, Apple TV allow you to perform multi-task and can free up the resources with the Apple TV close app feature. If you’re not sure how to close apps on Apple TV, here this guide will cover the possible ways.

How to Close Apps on Apple TV

You have three different ways to close the apps. You can follow any one of the methods.

  • Using the Remote
  • Using Apple TV Remote app
  • By restarting your Apple TV

Method 1: Using the Remote

This is one of the common and simple ways to shut down apps on Apple TV.

[1] Find and locate the TV/ Home button on your Apple TV remote.

[2] Click the TV/Home button twice and you will get the list of apps currently running on your TV.

Press TV/ Home Button

[3] Choose the application that you want to close or shut down.

[4] Now, swipe up the track of the Siri remote to close the selected application.

[5] To get back to the home screen, press the Center button on the trackpad.

If you want to close the app that you are using right now, you can simply tap the Back button on the remote.

Method 2: Using the Apple TV Remote app

How to Close Apps on Apple TV- Apple TV remote app

This method is much similar to the previous one. The remote buttons are arranged in the same way as the physical remote. Moreover, you can close or shut down the app only in the latest version of Apple TVs, such as Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. The older version of TV does not support this function.

Method 3: Restarting your Apple TV

When you try to quit the app, but it does not respond or the option to close does not work, you can restart your Apple TV. For that,

[1] On your Apple TV, go to the Settings option.

[2] Select System.

[3] Then, tap on the Restart option and it will restart your Apple TV device.

Restart your Apple TV


1. How do I close apps with the Apple TV remote?

Just press the TV/Home button on your Siri remote twice, choose the app, and then swipe up on the trackpad. Or just tap the Back button.

2. How to clear background apps on Apple TV?

You can restart your Apple TV to close all the background apps at once. If you want, you can pick the background app one by one and close them.