How to Connect Wii to Smart TV [All Possible Ways]

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV

Nintendo Wii, shortly described as Wii, is the popular gaming console initially released on 19th November 2006 by Nintendo. It comes with a service called Virtual Console, through which you can download a number of gaming titles and a few streaming services. You can now connect the Wii to your smart TV, and luckily we have plenty of ways to do so. If you are unaware of connecting, look at the section below, as we have listed the ways in simple steps.

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV

You have five different ways to connect Wii to any smart TV easily.

#1: Connect Wii to TV using an AV Cable

[1] On your smart TV, locate the 3 sets of AV inputs (Yellow, white and red) which may be labeled as Audio and Video.

[2] Plugin the AV plugs into their respective colors.

Note: Yellow: Video, White: Audio Left or Mono, and Red: Audio Right.

[3] Now, you need to connect the AV Out plug to the Wii connector’s backside.

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV- Connect AV Out Plug

[4] Once plugged in, turn on your TV and select your input selection using your remote or TV. It might be named Input select, Input, or TV/Video.

[5] Next, choose AV to view your Wii. The label may differ, such as AUX, and EXT. In some cases, it may be on Channel 00 or 99.

#2: Connect a Wii to a TV With Component Cables

This step is much similar to AV cables. Do follow the below steps to do so.

[1] Here, you will get the set of 5 ports on your TV.

  • Audio- Red (Right or R) and White (Left or L)
  • Video- Red (Pr/Cr), Blue (Pb/Cb), and Green (Y)
How to Connect Wii to Smart TV- component cables

[2] Now, connect the component cable to the respective color port on your TV.

[3] Next to that, associate the cable to the back of the Wii on the AV Out port.

[4] Switch on your Wii. Locate your input selection for your TV and switch on it to view the AV input.

#3: Connect a Wii to a TV With Wii HDMI Adapter

HDMI Adapter

[1] To the back of your Wii, connect your HDMI adapter or converter.

[2] Next, plug in the HDMI cable to the adapter.

[3] Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the backside of your TV.

[4] Turn on your Wii and select the input selection on your TV.

[5] Finally, select your connected HDMI input cable to view your Wii.

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#4: Connect a Wii to TV With a SCART Connector

Those who have a much older TV with a SCART connection can follow this method to connect the Wii to their TV.

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV - SCART connector

[1] To the end of the SCART adapter, you need to first plug the Wii RCA cables.

[2] Make sure to connect the inputs (Yellow, Red, and White) to the same color plugs.

[3] Hook up your SCART to your TV or splitter.

[4] Now, change the TV input to view the connection.

#5: Connect Wii to TV with RCA to VGA Breakout Cable

[1] The first step is to connect your Wii cable to the VGA input.

[2] Next to that, connect Wii to the RCA cable.

[3] Now, locate and input the cable.

[4] Once done, choose VGA and view your Wii console.

Troubleshoot: Wii Not Turning On

If your Wii does not show up or stopped working, follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  • Reset your AC adapter
  • Check whether the power supply is fine.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth and WiFi board works properly. If not, reset it.
  • Ensure there is no damage to your motherboard.
  • Press the A icon, remove the GC memory card, and reboot it when nothing works.

If your Wii turns off suddenly during use,

  • The first thing is to reset the AC adapter.
  • If any third-party accessory is connected, remove it and reset the adapter.
  • Check the Ventilation. If the vents are blocked with debris and dust, use the vacuum cleaner to remove them.

How to Get High-Quality Picture and Sound

For Best Picture and Sound:

  • Navigate to the Setting icon.
  • Choose the System Setting option.
  • Tap on the Sound icon.
  • Select Mono/ Stereo sound.

For Best Video Quality:

  • Go to Wii Settings.
  • Locate and click the Screen icon.
  • Then, select the preferred Screen position you want.
  • Choose desired Resolution.
  • Finally, tap Ok to complete.


How do I connect my old Wii to my Smart TV?

You can use the HDMI port to connect the Wii to the older model smart TV.

What are yellow, red, and white cables called?

In Composite RCA cable, Yellow cable is for Video and Red and White for Audio.

How to connect Wii to Samsung Smart TV 8000?

The procedure to hook up Wii to Samsung TV is no different from any TV. Follow the same procedure discussed here in this article.

Does the Wii have an HDMI port?

No. The original Wii doesn’t have an HDMI port. However, you can get any Wii adapters to connect it to the TV’s HDMI port.