How to Delete Apps on Apple TV [Uninstall & Hide Apps]

Delete Apps on Apple TV

Apple TV is one of the greatest media streaming players, with hundreds of official apps owned by Apple Inc. In addition to default apps available on Apple TV, you can download any of your favorite apps from the App Store. The process of installing apps on Apple TV is quite simple and easier. However, while installing the new apps, the memory space will be taken up and could eventually cause the TV to become slower overtimes. For that reason, the users are recommended to uninstall apps on Apple TV that are unwanted or unused. With this, the Apple TV doesn’t become cluttered or unorganized. If you are a new Apple TV user and looking for the steps on How to delete Apps on Apple TV, read out this article fully without skipping.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV

There are different methods by which you can delete or remove apps from your Apple TV. You can do that from:

  • Apple TV Home Screen
  • Settings

Delete Apps from Home Screen

Deleting the apps from the home screen is one of the easiest ways. Do follow the steps.

[1] Turn on your Apple TV and Press the Home button to view the home screen.

[2] Choose the desired app that you want to delete.

Choose the app

[3] On your Apple TV remote’s touchpad, long press and hold the app until the app’s icon starts to jiggle.

[4] Now, press the Play/Pause button on your remote to open the options.

Press Play/ Pause

[5] Click the Delete option.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV- Click Delete

[6] Once again, tap Delete to confirm.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV- Tap Delete

[7] That’s it. Now, the selected app will get deleted and no longer appear on your Apple TV home screen.

Uninstall Apps on Apple TV from Settings

Alternatively, you can even use the Settings option to delete the unwanted apps on your TV. Then, follow the guidelines mentioned below to do the same.

[1] On your Apple TV home screen, navigate to the Settings.

Select Settings

[2] From that, choose the General option.

Choose General

[3] Search for Manage Storage.

Click Manage Storage

[4] You will get the list of apps installed on your Apple TV. Scroll and select the app that you’d like to delete.

[5] Then, click the Trash icon next to the app.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV- Click Trash icon

[6] Tap Delete. You’re done! The App gets deleted successfully.

Click Delete

Bonus: How to Delete Apps on Multiple Apple TV

You can simultaneously delete the apps from multiple Apple TV devices using the below steps. You need to turn on the One Home Screen features to do the same.

Note: Before proceeding further, make sure all your Apple TVs have the same apps arranged in the same way on their home screen.

[1] Firstly, navigate on the Settings app and click on it.

[2] Choose the Users and Accounts option.

[3] Select your User account.

choose your User account

[4] Finally, hit the toggle next to the One Home Screen to turn it On.

Turn on

How to Hide Apps on Apple TV

Instead of uninstalling the apps permanently from your Apple TV, you can hide the apps in the folders. It is particularly helpful when you can’t delete any apps or while using older model tvOS.

The steps are like deleting the apps, but you need to select New Folder instead of choosing the Delete option. You can name the folder based on the category. The folder will appear on the home screen with the apps filled in it. With this, the app will be hidden.

Choose New Folder

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Wrapping Up

You can do it easily on Apple TV 4k and Apple TV HD. It is to note that you can’t delete or download apps on the older Apple TV models. Meanwhile, you can hide the pre-installed apps. Before deleting the app, check if the app you are about to remove has any subscription. Hope, the above guide was useful. Got any queries or feedback regarding this topic, feel free to tell us in our comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Uninstall Apps on Apple TV?

You can uninstall any apps on your tvOS with the help of the procedure given in this article.

How to fix can’t delete apps on the Apple TV issue?

In that case, you shall reset your Apple TV.