How to Download Apps on Apple TV in Two Minutes

Download apps on Apple TV

Apple TV is known for its picture-perfect screen resolution. It is worth every penny as it lets you experience the best of streaming with Dolby Atmos sound. You will find lots of popular streaming apps that come built-in on Apple TV. Thus, you can stream in 4K HDR and HD quality based on the model. If you want access to more apps and games on tvOS, then you shall download them on the App Store. The latest models are compatible with hundreds of apps. You will find both free as well as premium apps and thus you have something to get entertained. If you want a detailed guide on how to download apps on Apple TV, then we shall help you out.

How to Download and Install Apps on Apple TV?

Whether you have Apple TV with 4th or 5th generation, you can follow the below steps to download apps on it.

Note: Keep signed into your Apple TV with Apple ID to download apps.

Step 1: Power on the Apple TV. Connect it to home WiFi.

Step 2: Use the remote to select App Store tile from the home screen to launch it.

Select App Store to Download Apps on Apple TV
Select App Store

Step 3: Select between any of the six navigation options from the menu bar. It includes Discover, Apps, Games, Arcade, Purchased, and Search.

Choose a Navigation Option to Download Apps on Apple TV
Choose a Navigation Option

Note: Upon using the Search option, you shall need to type the app name using the on-screen letter keys. All other options will show you the list of apps.

Search for Apps
Search for Apps

Step 4: Choose the app that you want to get on Apple TV to find more information about it.

Step 5: Navigate to Get option and select it to download the respective app on the Apple TV.

Select Get
Select Get

Note: If it is a paid app, then click on the Price displayed over there.

Step 6: On the confirmation screen, select Get. If promoted, provide your iCloud credentials.

Confirm to Download Apps on Apple TV
Confirm App Download

Step 7: When the installation finishes, highlight Open button to launch it.

By following the above method, you can install any app on your Apple TV. Try installing Foxtel Go on Apple TV and share your comments.

Can I Download Apps on Apple TV Older Generations?

No. Apple TV’s earlier releases such as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation models don’t have App Store support. You are forced to use only the apps that come pre-installed on the Apple TV. However, Apple had been updating the popular app on them. With the end of support for all three generations, you will no longer receive app updates. So, it is better to buy the latest Apple TV models for better streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install apps other than from App Store on Apple TV?

No. Apple TV by default don’t let you install apps from third-party sources.

Does jailbreaking works on Apple TV?

If you wish to unlock the Apple TV features, then you shall use jailbreak tools. But this may void your security and device warranty. So, better not to take risks rather use only the trusted app available on App Store on tvOS.

Why do I find App Store logo on my Apple TV?

It is because you are using Apple TV with 3rd generation or earlier. Those models won’t let you download apps just like Apple TV 4th and 5th generation models.

Can I download apps faster on tvOS?

Yes. You shall skip the Apple ID verification procedure to download apps faster. Usually, you will be prompted for an Apple ID password when downloading apps. This will trigger the apps to download faster. You can adjust settings in such a way that you need not enter the Apple ID password while downloading apps. Just go to Settings > User and Accounts > User account name > Purchases under Require Password > Never. Just go back to choose Free Downloads > No.

There are tens and thousands of apps that are compatible with Apple TV. You will find almost apps for every other need of yours on the App Store. Installation would usually take place faster as long as your internet connection is of high range.