How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

Screen mirroring is the most convenient option to transfer media files to a big screen. With screen mirroring, users need not install the same app and spare some device space. Any Apple device comes built-in with a screen mirroring feature. So, mirroring the screen among Apple devices is easy and simple. However, the real complication occurs when you want to screen mirror contents from iOS to non-Apple devices. Nevertheless, a lot of iPhone users are looking for ways to screen mirror contents to TV. Although it isn’t a straightforward process, it is still a possible thing. Right on this section, you will be dealing with how to mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV.

Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV

Here are the working methods in which you can mirror your iPhone to the smart TV.

  • Using Digital AV Adapter
  • Using Mirroring Apps

How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV: Using Digital AV Adapter

Get Apple Digital AV Adapter to screen mirror iPhone contents to any smart TV. The Digital AV Adapter costs $49 and can be used to mirror contents from iPhone to TV easily. In order to mirror iPhone, an HDMI cable is mandatory.

(1). Firstly, plug in the Apple Digital AV Adapter into your iPhone’s charging port at the bottom.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

(2). Now, connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and plug the other end to use the HDMI port of your TV.

(3). Power on the TV and select the TV input source on the screen as that of the HDMI cable port.

(4). With this, your iPhone will be screen mirrored on to any of your smart TV.

How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV: Using Screen Mirroring Apps

If you don’t want to mess up using a cable, then opt for a wireless method of screen mirroring iPhone to non-Apple TV. By using the screen mirroring apps, you can connect your iPhone to smart TV wirelessly. For this, you can make use of apps like AirBeam TV, LetsView, ApowerMirror, Streamer for Chromecast, and more.

How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV: AirBeam TV

With the AirBeam TV app, iPhone can be a screen mirror to any smart TV. It is a cable-free alternative to watch iPhone contents on a big screen. Here is the procedure. AirBeam TV app has different kinds of apps for different smart TVs. For instance, you need to install the Mirror for Samsung TV app to mirror your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV. Install the respective AirBeam TV app for your smart TV from the App Store.


(1). Connect iPhone and your smart TV to the same WiFi.

(2). Launch the AirBeam TV app on your iPhone from the apps section.

(3). Now, launch Control Center and click on the Screen Recording icon.

Press Screen Recording icon - How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

(4). Choose your TV name, and with this, the iPhone screen will be mirrored to the TV.

AirBeam TV

How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV: Using AnyCast Device

If you have any of the AnyCast compatible smart TV or media player, then the steps given below will let you mirror iPhone.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

(1). Power on your TV with AnyCast support and select the right Input source.

(2). Choose HDMI and provide the SSID and password of the AnyCast device.

(3). Go to WiFi settings on iPhone to select the AnyCast device.

(4). When prompted, key in the password on the TV screen.

(5). Launch Safari browser on type the IP address of AnyCast TV.

(6). On your iPhone, launch Control Center and select the Screen Mirroring icon.

(7). Tap on the AnyCast device to start mirroring the iPhone screen to the TV.

How to Mirror iPhone to a TV without Apple TV: Using AllCast App

Screen mirroring from iPhone to the TV without Apple TV is possible with the AllCast app. Install the AllCast app from the App Store.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

(1). Launch the AllCast app on your iPhone.

(2). Tap the Cast icon available at the bottom of the screen.

(3). Select the TV to which you want to mirror contents.

(4). When connection establishes, you will be directed to choose the content you want to mirror.

(5). Choose the media file, and it will display on your TV in few moments.

These are the possible methods by which you can screen mirror your iPhone to the smart TV. Use any of the apps that suit your preference. Leave a comment below if you have any queries or issues regarding the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without Apple TV?

For smart TV, you can use any of the screen mirroring apps or the AnyCast device.

2. Can you mirror iPhone to Smart TV?

Yes, you can. There are many screen mirroring apps available to mirror iPhone to the smart TV.

3. How to mirror iPhone to the TV without WiFi?

You can’t. As of now, all the screen mirroring features, mirroring apps, and casting devices use WiFi for communication. So, without WiFi, you can’t mirror iPhone or any smartphone to a TV.