How to Pair Apple TV Remote to Your Apple TV

How to pair apple tv remote

Apple TV is the most versatile and unique smart TV’s among the rest. Despite being a bit costly, it gives the best quality streaming experience. Like any other media player, Apple TV gets a compatible remote controller inside the box. It is the most mandatory or essential thing to control Apple TV. Unlike other remotes, the Apple TV remote comes paired with the TV. Thus, tvOS users are need not spend some time pairing it manually. However, users of tvOS need to Pair Apple TV Remote when in unfortunate cases. This may be remote isn’t working, damaged, lost, or you got a replacement remote. For more details about the same, read the section below further.

Apple TV Remote Models

Apple TV remote are of different models, and they differ according to the Apple TV model you own. They fall under any of the three categories.

  • Apple TV or Siri Remote
  • Aluminum Remote
  • White Remote


  • Siri remote has the Power button, Menu button, Microphone, Play/Pause, and Volume buttons with a Touch Surface.
  • On the Aluminum remote, you will find Directional keypads, Menu button and Play/Pause buttons.
  • White remote has the same buttons as that of Aluminum remote. The only difference is the Play/Pause button takes the center portion of the directional keypad.

How to Pair Apple TV Remote?

The steps to pair the Apple TV remote differs according to the remote model you use. If you aren’t sure of the steps to pair it, then we have got you covered.

Steps to Pair Siri Remote

If you own the latest Apple TV, say Apple TV 4K, then it ships with Siri remote. Manually pairing it requires the following steps.

Note: Siri remote comes paired with tvOS by default. If that isn’t the case or you have bought a replacement remote, then follow the steps.

(1). Power on Apple TV 4K and wait for the home screen to load.

(2). Position the Siri remote within 3 to 4 inches from your tvOS.

(3). Now, press the Menu button and Volume Up button on the remote for about two seconds.

Note: Apple TV will ask you place the remote little closer to complete pairing process.

Siri Remote - How To Pair Apple TV Remote

(4). When pairing is success, you will get “Siri Remote is successfully paired” message on tvOS screen.

FYI: A single Siri remote can be paired with one Apple TV only. Upon pairing a new remote, the previously paired remote will be unpaired automatically.

Steps to Pair Apple TV White & Aluminum Remote

Whether you have Aluminium or White Apple TV remote, pairing it involves more or less same steps.

(1). Start off by turning your tvOS On and let it get its home screen.

(2). Make sure you are holding the remote closer to Apple TV.

(3). On the Apple TV (aluminum or white) remote, press and hold the Menu button and Right directional button for about six seconds.

Apple TV White and Aluminum Remote

(4). When pairing is successful, then you will get an on-screen confirmation message.

(5). If in case you don’t get such message, then pressing it by getting closer to tvOS.

That was all we have got you regarding pairing the Apple TV remote. Hope you found these steps useful. Got any questions or suggestions to share? Drop a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unpair Apple TV remote?

It depends on the remote model you own. For now, the White and Aluminium remotes support unsparing tvOS remote. Apple TV 4K remote or Siri remote doesn’t let you unpair it.

Can I control tvOS from iPhone or iPad?

Yes. Whether your remote isn’t working or you don’t find it, you can control Apple TV from an iOS device. This however requires your remote to be added to the Control Center of your iOS.

Is it possible to re-pair Apple TV remote?

Yes. Just follow the same steps as discussed in the section above to proceed with re-pairing your tvOS remote.