How to Rename Apple TV [Easy Ways]

How to Rename Apple TV

Apple TV is the best home entertainment streaming device that allows you to watch Apple Originals, live TV, on-demand videos, and more. Apple TV allows you to change the name at any time. The reason for renaming the name may differ from one user to another user. Some users will use more than one Apple TV on the same network, so naming each device will help to identify their Apple TV from the home network. Whatever the reason may be, we would help you with the simple ways to rename your Apple TV device.

Steps to Rename 3rd or Earlier Gen Apple TV

[1] Go to the Settings app on the Apple TV.

[2] Click General.

How to Rename Apple TV- Click General

[3] Scroll down and select Name.

[4] Now, you can change the name on your Apple TV.

Steps to Rename 4th Generation Apple TV [Apple TV 4K and HD]

[1] Power on your Apple TV and navigate to the Settings option.

[2] Click the General option from the Settings menu list.

[3] Click About.

How to Rename Apple TV- Click About

[4] Then select the Name field at the top.

Click Name

[4] Now, on the next screen, delete the current name and enter the name you want to use.

[5] Upon finishing, click Done at the bottom.

 Click Done

How to Rename Apple TV 4 using iPhone

Alternatively, if you have multiple Apple TVs and you want to assign them to different rooms, then you need to follow the below step:

[1] Launch Settings on your Apple TV home screen.

[2] Click on Airplay.

Click Airplay

[3] Select Apple TV Name.

 Click Apple TV name

[3] Choose a name from the list, or you can scroll to the bottom and select Custom Name.

[4] Give any name to your Apple TV and click Done.

Once confirmed, the custom name will appear on your home network.

Can’t change the Apple TV Name

If you have any issues or you can’t change the name on your Apple TV, make sure that your Apple TV is updated to its latest firmware. If you want, you can log out of your Apple ID and log in again. Still having issues, mention your issue in the comments below. We will give you the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I rename my Apple TV?

If you have multiple Apple TVs assigned to a room, you can rename them.

2. Can I have 2 Apple TVs on the same account?

Yes, you can use the same accounts and apps on multiple devices.