How to Reset Apple TV Remote [3 Easy Ways]

How to Reset Apple TV Remote

Apple TV is one of the popular streaming media players. Although the technology is designed to be easy to use and operate, there are a few drawbacks that happen from time to time. Sometimes, the Apple TV remote can experience errors that could cause it to malfunction. Apple TV Remote not working or connecting might be the worst case scenario. When this happens, it may be required to reset the remote so that the Apple TV remote can pair with the Apple TV properly. If you’ve ever experienced this trouble and have no idea how to figure it out, this article will guide you on how to reset the Apple TV remote.

Possible Ways to Reset Apple TV Remote

Just like resetting Apple TV, we have different ways to reset the Apple TV remote, and the steps are as follows.

How to Reset Apple TV Remote Without Remote [Automatic Reset]

The primary and simple ways to reset your tvOS remote controller are as follows.

[1] Initially, you need to unplug the Apple device from the TV and from the power outlet.

Unplug Apple TV device

[2] Wait for 6-10 seconds and plug the Apple device into the TV and turn on the power.

[3] You will see the Apple TV home screen. Now, you shall use the remote to check if the reset is success.

How to Reset Apple TV 4K/Siri Remote with Remote [Manually]

[1] On your 4K remote controller, press and hold the Menu and Volume Up button.

press Menu and Volume Up button.

[2] While holding the button, you will get the pop-up on the TV screen which states “It’s pairing the remote.”

[3] Now, move the remote closer to the Apple TV device.

How to Reset Apple TV Remote- move closer

[4] When the pop-up disappears, it means that your remote is reset and is ready to use.

How to Reset Older Version Apple TV Remote [Manual Reset]

[1] On your remote, you need to press and hold the Menu button and Left button.

 hold the Menu button and Left button.

[2] After a few seconds, the screen will show the icon. When you see it, release the button.

[3] Then, press and hold the Menu and Right button on your remote when the image appears.

[4] On the screen, the images of the remote will display, which means your remote is paired successfully.

Apple TV remote requires resetting if it doesn’t function properly. It is one of the working fixes that you can try when you come across Apple TV remote not working issue. Make sure to carry out the steps as per the Apple TV remote you have. Also, it is recommended to charge an Apple TV Remote to use it without any limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple TV remote not working?

To rectify it, unplug the Apple TV device from the socket and re-plug it back in. Now, try using the remote.

How do I know if my Apple TV Remote is charged?

To check your Apple TV remote battery level, go to Settings >> Remotes and Devices >> Remote.

Can you use an Apple TV without a remote?

Yes. Instead of Apple TV remote, you can use iPhone, iPad, or iPod as a remote with the help Apple TV Remote app.

Can I use the new Apple Remote with an old Apple TV?

Yes. The Apple TV Siri remote is compatible with Apple TV older versions like Apple TV 4K(2017) and Apple TV HD.

Why is my Apple TV remote unresponsive?

If the remote’s battery is drained, then the remote will not respond to the command. So, check your battery level.

How do I reset my Apple TV remote?

You can follow the procedure given in the above section of the article to reset your remote controller.