How to Turn Off Apple TV With / Without Remote

How to Turn Off Apple TV

We all know that Apple TV is another esteemed product from Apple. It is not a TV but a setup box or a streaming device. You don’t have to use an iPhone, but you need an iTunes account to activate the device. You can enjoy mostly all the different streaming services on your device. The most popular ones are Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Hulu, Disney, CNBC, etc. However, once you are down with streaming, there is no power button to quickly turn off the Apple TV device. But using the alternative ways, you can easily put your Apple TV to rest.

Turn Off Apple TV

You cannot Turn off Apple TV as there isn’t any power button. So the only option left is Sleep Mode. All Apple TVs will automatically go to Sleep mode after being dormant for 10-20 minutes. But still, for those who want to do it manually, here are the ways.

  1. Using Remote
  2. Using Settings
  3. Auto-sleep Settings
  4. Using an iPhone or iPad
  5. From the Power Source

How to Turn off Apple TV with Remote

Use your Apple TV remote to put your Apple TV in sleep mode.

  • For Apple TV 3rd Gen or older models, all you have to do is hold the Play or Pause button. The TV will go to sleep mode.
    Turn off Apple TV using remote
    • For the latest models, hold the Home button on your Apple TV remote for at least 3 seconds or until the menu options pop out on your TV screen. From the menu options, choose Sleep. You can turn on the device by pressing any button on your remote.

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    How to Turn off Apple TV from Settings

    You can easily turn off sleep mode from Apple TV Settings using the below steps.

    • On your home screen, you can find the Settings option with a gear icon. Open the Settings by using the remote.
    Sleep now under Settings
    • Scroll down and locate the Sleep Now option. And click on the option for your device to sleep. 

    How to Turn off Apple TV using Sleep Timer

    You can set a sleep timer on Apple TV to turn off your Apple TV.

    • From your home screen, go to Settings. Then choose the General option.
    Select Settings under General
    • Scroll down to find the Sleep After option. Now choose the time your device will go to sleep after being inactive.
    Select Sleep after under general
    • The options will be Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, and 10 hours. Choose your choice. Remember, if you choose Never, the device will never go to sleep automatically.

    How to Turn off Apple TV without Remote

    Install the remote app from App Store on your iPhone or iPad to turn off your Apple TV without a remote.

    • On your iPhone or iPad, get to the Control Centre.
    • Tap the Apple TV Remote icon.
    • Choose your Apple TV from the list of devices.
    • Enter the four-digit code for verification.
    • Now, tap and hold the Home button on the remote layout to open the Sleep screen.
    • Choose the Sleep option.
    Turn off Apple TV using iPhone or iPad

    You can use this method to turn off your Apple TV without using the remote.

    How to Turn off Apple TV by Unplugging the Power Source

    If you don’t want your device to run in the background, all you have to do is unplug it from the power source and also from the TV. This will turn off the device completely.

    Unplug the power source

    Among all the methods mentioned here, you can turn off Apple TV without a remote with only two options. You can either use the Sleep After settings or your iOS device.

    How Does Sleep Mode work on Apple TV

    • When Apple TV is in Sleep mode, it does consume electricity but only a bit.
    • The device will still run in the background and carry any pending downloads.
    • It can run automatic updates in the background.
    • It will not create any sound for notifications.

    How to Turn on Apple TV from Sleep Mode

    To start streaming on your Apple TV, you have to turn on your device from sleeping. You can wake your Apple TV by just pressing any button on your TV remote. To turn on Apple TV without a remote, you can use the remote app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you turn off Apple TV with the remote app?

    If you dont have an Apple TV remote, you can install and use the remote app from your iPhone or iPad.