How to Turn On Apple TV Without Remote [2 Methods]

How to Turn On Apple TV Without a Remote

Just like Apple TV, it’s remote controller is designed to be quite unique. It isn’t a standard remote in terms of appearance as well as functionality. Every other Apple smart TV gets a smart remote controller without which navigation wouldn’t be simple. There might be times you might not have access to tvOS or Siri remote. For instance, the battery needs to be replaced or the remote lies hidden. When in such scenarios, the users can still turn on Apple TV without a remote. This section discusses the simple trick and yet another way to turn on the Apple setup box in brief.

How to Turn On Apple TV without Remote?

There two ways in which you can can turn on tvOS without remote. The same is discussed in brief in the section below.

Method 1 – Shortest Way to Turn On Apple TV

This is a one-step process and carrying out it will turn on your Apple TV. In more precisely, this method doesn’t require additional devices.

(1) Plug out the Apple TV from the power source and plug it back.

This will turn on your tvOS without requiring the remote.

Method 2 – Longest Way

If you have an iOS device handy, then it is possible to turn on the tvOS without the remote controller.

Procedure to Add Apple TV Remote App (on iOS) on Control Center

The tvOS remote app will be available on iOS 12 or later. Those with lower versions need to follow the guide below to add it to Control Center.

(1) Initially, you should connect both iOS and tvOS to the same WiFi.

(2) Go to Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

(3) Select Control Center.

(4) Navigate to More Controls section to click on + icon next to Apple TV Remote.

Add Apple TV Remote

This will add app on the iOS Control Center.

Procedure to Turn on Apple TV without Remote – Using Apple TV Remote App

These are the steps that let you turn on tvOS without the remote controller. This method will work only if you have already paired your tvOS with the tvOS Remote app.

(1) Open the Control Center on your iOS device.

(2) Tap on the Apple TV icon to open the app.

(3) On the Apple TV Remote app, you shall need to tap on the virtual control area.

Apple TV Remote App to Turn on Apple TV Without Remote

That’s all. This will wake up your Apple TV.

Hope you learned the procedure to turn on tvOS without a remote. You shall implement it whenever you lost access to the tvOS or Siri remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which model of tvOS supports Apple Remote app to turn on it?

The above procedure will work for those users of Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, and Apple TV 3rd generation. Such devices can be turned on without a remote.

Where can I buy a new tvOS or Siri remote?

It is a better deal to purchase a new tvOS or Siri remote from an authorized dealer. So, buy it from Apple Online Store or Apple Store or from a trusted retailer.

Will tvOS Remote app let you perform all the functions just like physical remote?

Yes. The user-interface of the app resembles more or less similar to your tvOS physical remote. This includes even the virtual control area, Siri, menu, etc.