How to Turn On/Off LG TV Without Using Remote

Turn on LG TV without Remote

Are you searching for ways to turn on or off LG TV after losing the remote control? Well, you have landed in the right place. Most of the LG TVs have Smart features and can control your TV right from your smartphone. At the same time, all the LG TVs have a built-in power button for turn on/off. Hence, you don’t need to worry in case of loss or malfunction on the original remote. Here’s how to power on your LG TV without the remote control.

Using Built-in Power Buttons

Not only LG, but all kinds of TVs also comes with a built-in button to power on/off, change channels, and increase/decrease volume. On LG TVs, the power button will locate under its logo. By simply pressing on it, you can turn on/off the TV with ease.

Turn on LG TV using Power button

Configure LG ThinQ App and Control your TV

Apart from the built-in power button, you can also use the LG Thing app on your Smartphone (Android or iPhone) to switch on/off your TV. Apart from that, it also helps you switch between channels, increase/reduce or mute volume, and few more things. The major drawback with this method, you must have configured the TV with the LG ThinQ app before losing your remote. Here are the steps to configure them.

1. Download LG ThinQ app

Just head to the official app store on your Android/iOS device and download the LG ThinQ app. After downloading the app, connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

LG ThinQ app

2. Pair Your TV

With both devices connected to the same network, launch the LG ThinQ app that you installed and tap the + symbol on its home screen. Head to the Home appliances section and then select TV.

Wait for the app to detect your TV. Once detected, select it and enter the verification code displayed on the TV screen. Once verified, link your email ID (optional) and close the app

3. Turn on/off your LG TV

Now, launch the LG ThinQ app, and your TV name will appear on the home screen. Just press the blue color power icon to turn on/off your LG TV.

Turn on LG TV using LG ThinQ app

Note – This method is not applicable to non-smart TVs.

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The LG ThinQ method is also applicable when your original remote control has stopped working properly. Moreover, it provides superior features and controls while comparing with a physical remote. So, it is advisable to pair your TV with the Smartphone while setting up the device for the first time.