How to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote Controller

How to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote

Toshiba is one of the prominent television brands with a decent user base. It is continuing to give you the best viewing experience while aiming to push the boundaries of TV design with the highest picture quality. Its TV models currently include LED, UHD, and smart TV. So, you will get unparalleled picture quality with great resolution. Like any other smart TV, every other Toshiba smart television ships with a simple-to-use remote controller. With minimal buttons, you will not find any difficulty using the remote. In case you have lost access to the remote, then turning it on goes questionable. But you shall not worry as this section will further help you out on how to turn on a Toshiba TV without the remote. So, you shall get the cinematic experience on Toshiba TV without the remote.

Is it Possible to Turn On Toshiba TV without a Remote?

Yes. You can still turn on your TV when you don’t have access to the remote controller. The most unfortunate cases of Toshiba smart tv remote not working include remote battery requiring a replacement, remote lost or you misplaced it somewhere, remote permanently damaged, etc.

How to Turn On a Toshiba TV Without Remote

Learn to power on your Toshiba smart Television when you have lost access to the remote.

(1) You shall need to go to the Toshiba TV first.

(2) Have a closer look at the TV and identify the Power button.

Press Power Button to Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote

(3) Press the Toshiba TV power button gently, and the TV will turn on.

How to Turn On Toshiba TV without a Remote Controller [Using Smartphone]

If you have already paired your Toshiba TV with the Remote for Toshiba TV app or to a Universal Remote for a Toshiba TV app on an Android or iOS device, then turning it on is easy. This is how you can turn on the TV without a remote or power button.

The Toshiba TV remote app is a virtual controller that has a power button. Pressing the power button will turn on your Toshiba TV in seconds. This app is compatible with all Toshiba TVs. It will detect the TV with the infrared system of the phone. In addition to turning it on, you can access all the features of the Toshiba remote on the app. It includes volume adjustments, changing channels, media player functions, settings, and more.

Turning on the Toshiba Television without a remote is thus possible no matter what model you have. You shall take advantage of all the playback functions with the Remote for Toshiba TV if you have already configured it. However, if the Toshiba TV won’t turn on, you need to reset the device. If you own Vizio TV, you can turn on Vizio Smart TV without a Remote. When you cannot turn on the TV at all, then contact Toshiba Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Remote for the Toshiba TV app to turn on the TV without pairing?

No. You must have configured it prior to turning on the Toshiba television when in case you have no remote.

What if my Toshiba smart TV remote isn’t working?

In such a case, you shall check if the batteries need to be changed. Check for any obstructions around the TV and remove any. If the remote is still not working, then you shall seek customer support.

How to turn up or turn down the volume on Toshiba TV without a remote?

You can look for the volume up/down buttons at the lower or side edges of the TV screen. Gently press the button to control the volume.

Can I fix Toshiba TV won’t Turn On issue?

Yes. If your TV doesn’t turn on, you shall reset your device. For this, you need to unplug the TV and wait for a minute. Meanwhile, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. With that, plug in your TV, and it should work.

How to Reset Toshiba TV without a remote?

To reset the device without a remote, you need to turn off the TV, press the power button for 10 seconds and click the power button when the recovery menu appears. Then, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset option and choose Yes.

How to turn on Toshiba Fire TV without a remote?

You can follow the same procedure given in the above section to power off the Toshiba Fire TV.

Where is the power button on Toshiba TV?

It will be available on the bottom or top panel or at the back of the TV.