How to Update Apps on Apple TV in Just a Minute

Update apps on Apple TV

The latest Apple TV models support installing third-party apps from the App Store. Besides installing, one needs to update the apps constantly to use its latest features. Updating apps are also necessary to fix the issues or glitches you come across with the current version. Nevertheless, this smart TV has been designed to feature a user-friendly interface. Yet, there are users who find slight difficulty in accessing few features and that includes updating apps on tvOS. This process is relatively easy if you know where the option lies on the TV. Even otherwise, this guide will help you update apps on Apple TV.

How to Update Apps on Apple TV?

tvOS supports an automatic and manual method of updating the apps. Read the section to learn them in detail to thereby update apps.

Enable Automatic Update

Apple TV can update apps automatically whenever a new version is made available. But this requires enabling automatic updates.

(1) On your Apple TV, open the Settings app.

Choose Settings to update Apps on Apple TV

(2) Scroll down to select Apps option.

Select Apps

(3) Check if Automatically Update Apps is turned On. Else, select it to turn it on.

Choose Automatically Update Apps

With the automatic update of apps on Apple TV takes place whenever you connect tvOS to the internet. This will update every other app in the background. If in case you are running out of memory, then consider the manual update method given below.

Update Apps on Apple TV Manually

Unlike the previous method, this method requires the tvOS users to update the requires app.

(1) You should initially navigate to launch App Store on tvOS.

Select App Store

(2) Click on Search option on the top of the menu bar on Apple TV home screen.

(3) Type the app name that you want to update and search for it.

(4) If that app has any update, then you will find Update button. Click on it.

(5) To know more about the update, navigate down to the About section of the app.

(6) After the update, you will find Update button labelled as Open. Select it to launch the app and access its latest version.

The process of updating apps on Apple TV can either be automatic or manual. No matter what, the end result is the same. We value your feedback and suggestions. Share your views or queries as comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you manually update apps on Apple TV?

Use the second method to mentioned above to manually update apps on your TV. You can update it only when an update is available.

Q2: Can you update apps on Apple TV 3?

Just like all other version, you can update apps on 3rd gen either automatically or manually.

Q3: How do I download new apps on old Apple TV?

Old Apple TVs don’t allow you to install app. It comes with pre-installed applications. But you can use airplay to stream content from your favorite app. For the newer Apple TV, you can easily download apps.