Netflix on LG Smart TV Not Working: Fixes and Solutions

Netflix on LG Smart TV Not Working

The streaming app Netflix is compatible with every device, from your smartphone to streaming devices. You can install Netflix on LG Smart TV, and the app will work seamlessly with the ideal circumstances. But it will not be the case all the time. Sometimes the Netflix app does not normally work due to various technical glitches. In some cases, the fault is maybe with the Netflix app, and in some other cases, the problem is with the LG TV itself. If you have any issues with the Netflix app on your LG Smart TV or the Netflix app is not working properly, we have got all the solutions.

Almost the following fixes can be done by ourselves without any technical assistance. However, some require customer care support. The fixes include troubleshooting like restart, update, connectivity check, and reset. Sometimes, turning off and on your TV can fix your issues like hanging, freezing, or a blank screen.

Fixes for Netflix on LG Smart TV Not Working

Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix on LG Smart TV

You can uninstall and reinstall Netflix to make sure that the app works fine.

How to Uninstall Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1) First, launch your LG Smart TV and press the Home button.

(2) Select the Netflix app on the launch bar.

(3) Now, hover over the Netflix app icon until an arrow mark appears.

(4) Then, click on the X symbol.

(5) On the pop-up window, click OK to confirm the removal.

(6) Now, the Netflix app is successfully uninstalled from LG Smart TV.

How to Reinstall Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1) Press the Home or Start button on the LG TV remote.

(2) Select the LG Content Store from the Apps section.

(3) Now, search for the Netflix app.

Netflix on LG Smart TV

(4) Then, click on the Install button.

(5) Now, launch the Netflix app and sign in to your account.

Netflix on LG Smart TV

(6) Stream all the Netflix videos without any issues.

LG Smart TV Netflix App Missing

No Netflix on LG Smart TV or Can’t Install the Netflix app

If you can’t find the Netflix app in the LG Apps section, then the app might be uninstalled. At first, try changing the device location.

(1) From your LG Smart TV home screen, navigate to the Settings.

(2) Now choose the General option.

(3) Select Location and set the correct location.

Set Location on LG Smart TV

(4) Once the location is set, restart your LG Smart TV.

(5) Then, launch the Content Store and install the Netflix app on LG Smart TV.

If you can’t install the app or Netflix doesn’t load on LG Smart TV, you should check the internet connectivity.

(1) Launch Settings on your LG Smart TV.

(2) Then, choose All Settings.

(3) Click on the Wired Connection and WiFi Connection.

 Network settings on LG Smart TV

(4) Now, check whether it shows Connected to the Internet. If not, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Netflix Keeps Logging Out

If the Netflix app keeps logging out, then the problem is that Netflix might have taken any attempt to protect your account. Or the Netflix app is signed in multiple devices in multiple locations so that the screen limit ends. In such cases, you can log out of the app by yourself and sign in again.

Netflix App keeps logging out

How to Logout of Netflix on LG Smart TV

If you see the Premium option: Select the Premium apps section from the home screen and choose Settings > Options > Deactivate Netflix.

If you see the Netcast option: Choose the NetCast option and select Setup. Now, choose Service Maintenance and choose Netflix Deactivate, then press the OK button.

If you see the Setup option: Select the Setup option and choose Network. Click on the Netflix app and choose Deactivate Netflix. Now, press Yes to confirm.

None of the above: Launch the Netflix app and click on Get Help, if not, click on the Settings option. Now, choose Sign Out and press Yes.

Logout of Netflix on LG Smart TV

Or launch the Netflix app and press the keys on the remote in the following order.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

How to Sign in to Netflix on LG Smart TV

(1) First, launch the Netflix app from the home screen.

(2) Then, choose the Sign In option or click Yes on the Are you a member of Netflix.

(3) Enter your Netflix credentials and click Sign in. If an activation code appears, visit the Netflix activation website and complete the activation.

How to Change Profile on Netflix on LG Smart TV

If you are looking to change your Netflix account, you need to log out of the app and sign in again. But if you have multiple profiles per account, you should follow the below steps to switch profiles.

(1) Navigate to the Netflix app.

(2) Click on the Profile option.

(3) Now, click on the Profile you want to switch.

Change Profile on Netflix on LG Smart TV

(4) Wait until the profile content loads on your LG Smart TV.

Netflix Volume Too Low on LG Smart TV

If you can’t find audio or video, or the volume is too low, try the following troubleshooting.

(1) Make sure that the LG Smart TV is not on mute.

(2) Increase the volume in the volume slider while playing video or increase the volume of your TV.

(3) Press the Mute button thrice and click on the AV Reset option.

(4) Now, the Audio and Video settings of your TV will reset to default options.

(5) After that, the Netflix app will function at normal volume.

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Netflix Keeps Buffering on LG Smart TV

If the Netflix app on your LG Smart TV keeps buffering or hanging, try the following fixes.

How to Restart the TV

To restart the LG Smart TV, you should press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button for 12 seconds. Release the buttons only when you see the LG logo on the TV screen. Or press and hold the Power on/off button for three seconds until the TV turns off.

How to Update LG TV Firmware

Sometimes not updating the TV firmware can actually cause the issue.

(1) Open the Settings app on your LG Smart TV.

(2) Then, select Others.

(3) Click on the Software Update option.

(4) Now, click Confirm and Update. You can also check our guide on how to update LG Smart TV to its latest firmware edition.

Update LG TV Firmware

How to Update the Netflix App on LG Smart TV

(1) Launch your LG Smart TV and go to the home screen.

(2) Click on the Apps and choose Select All.

(3) Now, select My Apps and select Netflix.

(4) Then, click on the Install All Updates option.

(5) Wait for the update to complete and install on your TV.

How to Factory Reset LG Smart TV

You can take this as a last option as it will erase all your data and info on your TV. Sadly, you have to set your TV first like when you did it the first time you bought it.

(1) Press the Home button.

(2) Now, choose the Settings option.

(3) Then, click on the Basic option and select Reset to Preliminary Settings.

Factory Reset

(4) Now, enter your TV password.

(5) Then, complete the reset process.

There are various fixes for the Netflix app not working on LG 4k Smart TV. You can try the fixes in no particular order to resolve the issue on LG TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LG Smart TV Netflix button not working?

If the Netflix button on the remote fails to work, you shall check for the batteries on the remote. Further, you shall check if there are any interferences between your remote and TV and remove if any. Check for the internet connection and contact the ISP if the problem persists.

Why do I get Netflix download not working?

Netflix download may not work if you have any pending Netflix or device updates, low storage space on your device, etc.

How to fix Netflix on LG TV crashing?

You can restart the Netflix app, update the app, clear the Netflix cache, check for the internet connection, etc., to fix the crashing issue of Netflix on LG TV.

How can I fix Netflix not loading on TV issue?

You can restart your TV and allow the device to stay idle for a minute. You can even unplug the power cord and plug it back in after three minutes. Now, power on your TV and try using Netflix.