How to Stream Nicktoons on Apple TV [Quick Guide]

Nicktoons on Apple TV

Nicktoons is just a collection of various cartoon shows from Nickelodeon. It includes Doug, Rugrats, The Ren & Stimpy Shows, SpongeBob SquarePants, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and more. As of now, this collection includes 50+ shows and it is getting enlarged with the upcoming shows like Big Nate, Monster High, and Meet The Voxels. All these shows are mainly created for children of age 7 to age 14. These animated cartoon shows are collectively called Nicktoons. Nickelodeon produces and airs all the shows that come under Nicktoons. Let us see how to stream Nicktoons on Apple TV.

You don’t have a separate app to stream Nicktoons. In order to stream the Nicktoons shows, you have to get the Nick app. But it is a TV everywhere app, so you will be logging in with your pay-TV service provider. You can subscribe to any of the participating pay-TV service providers of Nick to stream the content. The Nick channel is available on the Apple TV App Store.

How to Stream Nicktoons on Apple TV

1. Set up your Apple TV and connect to the internet connection.

2. Press the home button.

3. On the home screen, click on the App Store.

Apple TV Home Screen

4. Now click on the Search option.

5. Type Nick and select the app.

Apple TV App Store

6. Click on the Get or Install button.

7. Now, click Open to launch the Nick app on your Apple TV.

8. Choose Sign-in and leave the screen idle when an activation code appears.

9. Go to the NIck Activation website.

10. Enter the NIck activation code and click Continue.

Activation code

11. Choose your pay-TV service provider. Then, log in with the provided account.

12. Now, refresh the Nick app on your Apple TV for the content to load.

13. Choose the Nicktoons show you would like to watch and hit Play.

Nicktoons on Apple TV

Alternative Way to stream Nicktoons on Apple TV

1. On your iPhone or iPad, install the Nick app from the App Store.

2. Now, open the NIck app and sign in with your pay-TV service provider.

3. Then, connect your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

4. Play any of the videos you want to stream under the Nicktoons section.

6. Swipe down from the screen to pull out the Control Center.

7. Tap the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen MIrroring

8. Now, select your Apple TV device from the list of available devices.

Nicktoons on Apple TV with AirPlay

9. The contents will be streamed on your Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Nick Jr on Apple TV?

Nick Jr. app is available on the App Store for Apple TV. You can stream Nicktoons shows with Nick Jr on Apple TV.

2. Where can I get old Nicktoons shows?

You can find all the Nicktoons shows on various sources like Nick and Nick Jr.