Peloton on Apple TV: How to Install & Use

Peloton on Apple TV
Peloton on Apple TV

How about working out in front of Apple TV? If it sounds interesting then we are about to deal with Peloton on Apple TV right in this section. Apple TV has widely impressed entertainment fans with its compatibility with streaming services. Apple TV has a decent number of health and fitness apps. However, Peloton has been made compatible with tvOS lately. Get into the section to know more about Peloton on tvOS.

What is Peloton on Apple TV?

Peloton is a popularly used fitness app to stream workouts and fitness on the go. Despite using Peloton outside, it has turned itself to be a home fitness app in recent times. You can start the workouts at home and unleash your full potential. It helps you take care of your personal health and fitness just by training yourself in front of Apple TV.

You will find thousands of on-demand video classes by world-class instructors. So, you will be able to meet your fitness goals just from being in the home. You will find home workouts like treadmill running, indoor cycling, strength, cardio, meditation, yoga, etc. The peloton will let you turn your comfort space into your fitness studio. You will get the instructor-curated playlists, motivations, new teaching styles, and more from different instructors.

How much is Peloton?

It is free to use for 30-days. You may reach your goals better with its in-app purchase. Choose Peloton All Access Membership at $12.99 to let everyone at home access the app on a Bike or Treadmill. You may get Peloton Digital Membership to workout on any equipment or none at $12.99/mo.

Procedure to Install Peloton on Apple TV – Guidelines

Look at the procedure you should follow inorder to install Peloton app on 4th and 5th generation of tvOS.

1. Turn on your tvOS and connect it to the WiFi.

2. Launch App Store from the Home screen.

Open App Store
Open App Store

3. Select the magnifying glass icon and type in as Peloton using screen keys.

4. On the touch surface of the remote, press down to get more information about Peloton.

5. On the app’s screen, select Get to download it.

6. When the confirmation screen appears to verify the download, click on Get again.

Note: If you aren’t signed into the Apple ID, then you will get a prompt with it.

7. The button will change to Open. Click on it to open it or launch it from the Home screen of tvOS.

Peloton on Apple TV
Peloton on Apple TV


Peloton includes a diverse range of fitness classes. As a tvOS user, you can stream them either live or watch the on-demand classes. Find the fitness class that suits your needs and start working out with real-time motivation. Run, spin, or stretch to start sweating.