How to Install Plex Media Player on Samsung Smart TV

Plex on Samsung Smart TV

Plex has made managing and accessing media files the best way. Like Kodi, Plex supports playing all of your media content from anywhere. You need to get Plex Media Server software on a PC or NAS. With this, Samsung Smart TV models support accessing Plex media server contents. It supports over 250 live TV channels and over 50000 on-demand movies and shows for free. Upon upgrading, Plex lets you watch and record news, sports, local shows, etc. The best part of Plex is its universal search option, with which you can search for your desired titles. You shall get to read the section further for the procedure to install Plex on Samsung TV.

How to Get Plex on Samsung Smart TV

The step-by-step procedure to install Plex on Samsung TV is given in the section below.


  • Samsung TV 2016 and newer models are Tizen-based.
  • Active internet connection
  • Plex Account Login details (Visit to create an account)

Important! Plex is no longer compatible with Samsung TV 720p or 1080p models.

Quick Start Guide: On your Samsung TV, press the Smart Hub button >> select Apps >> choose Samsung Apps >> select Plex >> click Install/Download.

(1) To begin with Plex download, press the Smart Hub button on the TV remote.

(2) When Samsung Smart Hub opens up, navigate the menu bar to select Apps. Then choose the Samsung Apps tile.

Select Apps

(3) On the following screen, select the search menu to type as Plex and choose the same when suggestions appear.

(4) On the Plex info window, select the Download or Install button to start downloading the app onto your TV.

Download Plex on Samsung TV

(5) When the Welcome pop-up appears, read the instructions to connect Plex Media Server to Samsung Smart TV and press Close.

(6) On the main menu of Plex, choose Preferences to select Plex Media Server.

(7) To add Plex Media Server, just press the red B button.

(8) Now, provide your IP address of the PC with the Plex Media Server. With this, you can use the Plex app on your Samsung models.

Plex on Samsung TV

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Alternative Method: How to AirPlay Plex to Samsung Smart TV?

If you have Samsung TVs with AirPlay support (2018 and later models), you shall follow the steps to use the Plex TV app.

(1) The first thing is to connect your Samsung TV and your iOS device to the same WIFI network.

(2) Launch the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

(3) Search and download the latest version of the Plex app on your iOS device.

(4) Launch the app and choose to play any media content on your Plex app.

(5) Now, click on the AirPlay icon and select your Samsung TV from the available devices.

AirPlay Plex

(6) With this, you will find your iOS screen on your Samsung Smart TV.

Plex on Samsung TV

Plex on Samsung TV Not Working: Possible Causes & Fixes

Like any other app, Plex will fail to load or work on Samsung TV at times. Given below are the causes and the possible fixes one shall try.


  • Poor or unstable internet connection.
  • Outdated version of Plex app.
  • Plex server outage.
  • Active VPN or antivirus may be the reason.
  • Incorrect Plex login details.
  • Samsung TV isn’t compatible with the Plex app.

Possible Fixes:

  • Keep your device connected to the stable internet.
  • Update the Plex app with the latest version.
  • Ensure to enter the correct login details.
  • Log out and log in to your Plex account.
  • Update the Samsung TV firmware with the latest version.
  • Disable the VPN or antivirus and check if Plex works.
  • Finally, reset your Samsung TV to the factory default settings.

That was all the information we have gathered regarding Plex on Samsung TV. You can install it and stream your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, music, and anything more. Besides this, you can even access your media library on your TV screen with Plex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative way to use the Plex app on those incompatible devices?

Yes. If you have a no-longer-supported Plex device, then you shall still use Plex still with the help of a media player. It includes Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android Box, etc.

How to resolve the Plex opening and closing issue?

If, in such a case, you need to perform a firmware update process. Check for an active internet connection. Finally, reset the device and reinstall the Plex app.

Can I fix the Plex on Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the Plex Media Server issue?

Yes. This issue occurs when a secure connection interferes with the Plex app. Go to Plex Settings to select Network Settings and turn off Secure Connection.

How does Plex work on a smart TV?

Plex requires an internet connection, and you can start streaming your favorite media content.

Is Plex available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes. Plex is officially available on Samsung TV, with Tizen-based OS released in 2016 and later.

Why Plex won’t play on Samsung TV?

Plex may not work when your server isn’t on the same network as the TV. Further, check for internet connectivity and update the app to the latest version. Ensure if the Plex server isn’t down.