How to Install Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV

Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV

Unlike other streaming services, Pluto TV is quite different, where you can discover all the content free of cost. In Pluto TV, you can stream movies and TV shows from different countries like sports, entertainment, poker, news, true crime, gaming, adventure, comedy, and many more. Not only movies and TV shows, but Pluto TV also offer on-demand videos. Now, even Pluto TV can be installed and stream on Sony smart TV.

In the Pluto TV app, you can watch binge-worthy live TV channels like Unsolved Mysteries, Fear Factory, and many more. You can also stream 100+ amazing TV channels like Pluto TV kids, Pluto TV crime, Pluto TV food, Pluto TV sports, and many more.

How to Install Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV

[1] Press the Home button from the Sony TV remote.

[2] Navigate to the Google Play Store on your home screen.

 Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV- click google  play store

[3] Click on the Search option on the right corner of your TV screen.

 Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV- click search

[4] Enter Pluto TV in the search box by using the on-screen keyboard.

[5] From the available list, choose the Pluto TV app and click the Install option to download.

[6] After downloading, launch the app by clicking the Open button.

How to Activate Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV

After downloading the Pluto TV app, you have to activate the account to access the contents. Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate.

[1] When you open the Pluto TV app on your Sony TV, it will display you an activation code.

[2] Go to My Pluto TV website.

[4] Enter the six-digit code in the respective field and click Activate option.

 Pluto TV on Sony Smart TV- enter the code and click activate

[4] Your Pluto TV app will get activated successfully.

[5] After the activation, you can stream any video title from Pluto TV.

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1. Can I get Pluto TV on my Sony Smart TV?

Yes, Pluto TV can be stream on Sony TV. You can directly download the Pluto TV app from the Google Play Store.

2. What channels are free on Pluto TV?

You get free channels like Hell’s kitchen channel, star trek, Classic door who channel, Survivor, CSI, CBS News channel, Stories by AMC, and many more.