How to Get Pluto TV on Xbox in 2022

Pluto TV on Xbox
Pluto TV on Xbox

Pluto TV is a popular streaming app with over 64 million active users across 26 countries. It allows users to enjoy streaming over 1000+ movies, TV shows, and series for free at their convenience. It offers titles from different genres such as comedy, adventures, horror, romance, sports, news, entertainment, documentary, and much more. Users from regions such as the UK, GSA, Italy, and Latin America will be able to access it. Some other countries, including Spain, France, and much more, would be getting it in the upcoming months. Let’s discuss in detail how to get Pluto TV on Xbox and also about the compatible versions of Xbox consoles.

In addition, Pluto TV is compatible with various smart devices like Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, and Smart TV, including Google, Samsung, and Panasonic.

How to Get Pluto TV on Xbox

Fortunately, the Pluto TV app for Xbox is now available and is compatible with Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Below are the steps to download and install the Pluto TV app on the Xbox console.

1. Turn on the Xbox console, and navigate to the Home Screen of the device.

2. Go to the My Games & Apps option, where you will be able to access the apps available.

3. From the list, click on the Microsoft Store.

Search option in Xbox Microsoft store

4. And in the Search bar, enter Pluto TV using the virtual keyboard with the controller.

Pluto TV

5. Select the Pluto TV app from the list, and click on the Install option.

6. Now, wait for the app to download and proceed by installing it on the device.

7. Finally, as the installation is done, the users can try logging in or signing up to their Pluto TV account.

8. After the final process, the user can enjoy streaming the Pluto TV Xbox app as it is available for free of cost.

How to Cast Pluto TV on Xbox

Alternatively, the user will be able to cast the Pluto TV on Xbox with the help of a Smartphone. The below method would be compatible with the latest version of consoles, including Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. Here is how to do it.

1. Make sure both the console and the mobile device are connected to the same stable Wifi network.

2. On the mobile, download the Pluto TV app from the App Store or Play Store respectively.

3. Using the credentials, log in to the Pluto TV account and play the desired video from the app.

4. Now, the user will have the option to Cast the video by pairing it with the Xbox console.

5. Finally, the users will be able to view the video on the TV through an Xbox Console.

Pluto TV app on Xbox One not Working?

When you come across the Pluto TV app not working on Xbox One, you shall try out the below fixes.

  • You shall restart the app.
  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling it.
  • Try to update the Xbox gaming console.
  • Check for the Xbox Server and connection.
  • You can soft reset your gaming console.
  • If that fails, hard reset Xbox.

These were the possible ways in which you can get Pluto TV on Xbox One and its lineups. So, you can start streaming your favorite Pluto TV titles in addition to playing games on your gaming console.


Can the users get Pluto TV on PlayStation (PS3)?

Yes, Pluto TV is now available on PS3. So the users can simply download the app for the store and enjoy streaming with stable internet and free of cost.

Is Pluto TV on Xbox One?

Yes, the user can follow the above methods to get the Pluto TV on Xbox.

Is Pluto TV on Xbox 360?

It is yet to receive compatibility.

Can Pluto TV subtitles on Xbox work?

Yes. You shall enable the subtitles on Xbox by clicking on the CC button on the video player.