How to Watch Stremio on Apple TV [Possible Ways]

Stremio on Apple TV

Stremio is one of the media streaming apps to stream movies, TV shows, series, and free video content. The Stremio app offers all the basic features like the Search option, Discovery page, Offline download, and more. It uses add-ons to stream content from torrents and other networks. You can choose content in different qualities and languages. The interface of the Stremio app is designed in such a way to access it across mobile, TV, and desktop application. It means that you can stream the Stremio app on multiple devices with cross-platform support. Let’s see how to watch Stremio on Apple TV.

App Store has a dedicated Stremio app only for iPhone and iPad. But, in recent times, the Stremio app from the App Store has been removed. So, the only way to watch Stremio on your Apple TV, you can screen mirror the content from Mac. If you don’t have a Mac PC with you, there is no way to access Stremio on Apple TV.

How to Watch Stremio on Apple TV

[1] Connect your Apple TV and Mac to the same WiFi network.

[2] Click on the AirPlay icon from the top of the screen.

Click Airplay icon

[3] From the drop-down menu, select your Apple TV.

Choose your Apple TV

[4] The Apple TV screen will display the password. Enter the code in the pop-up window that shows up on your Mac.

[5] Open the browser and go to the Stremio streaming website.

[6] Play any content from the web. it will appear on your Mac.

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1. Can I use Stremio on my iPad?

No, the Stremio app is not available for iPad.

2. Is Stremio legal?

Yes. Stremio is legal as long as you aren’t accessing any copyright-protected content.

3. What are the popular Stremio addons?

Some of the most popularly used addons on Stremio include Juan Carlos, The Pirated Bay, Zooqle, Open Videos, Netflix, and YouTube.