How to Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

Toshiba is one of the leading electronic devices in today’s time. It gives the best experience while watching your favorite movies, TV shows, series, etc. Toshiba smart TV has two types of remote: Toshiba Android TV remote and Toshiba Fire TV remote. But, sometimes, the Toshiba Fire TV will create problems and stop working due to various reasons like poor battery, outdated firmware and so. If you face any issue with the remote, this guide will show you how to fix the Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working issue.

Why is Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working: Best Fixes

The solution you need to follow to fix the Toshiba 4K Fire TV remote not working after the factory reset is as follows.

Check your Remote Batteries

Check your Remote Batteries

Batteries are the main source for the remote. Using the same batteries for a long time may reduce the life of the battery. So, check the battery and replace it with a newer one, and this may be a solution for your issue. Always use a high-quality battery because these batteries have longer battery power. If there is any object disturbing the way between the remote and the TV, kindly remove the obstructions and move closer to the TV.

Reset the Remote

Reset the Remote

If your Toshiba smart TV remote is not working with TV, then you can try performing a factory reset to your remote. Factory reset will remove all the settings stored in your remote previously. To perform a factory reset of your Fire TV Remote, press and hold DPAD-left, back, and menu buttons for ten seconds.

Reconnect the Remote

Reconnecting the remote may be the solution if your Toshiba Fire TV remote is not pairing. Depending on the sort of remote you have, there are many ways to reconnect it. To reconnect your remote, there will be a pairing button on the back of your remote. To connect, press and hold the pairing button for 15 seconds. If your remote does not have a pairing button, hold the home button for 30 seconds while pointing it to the TV. After 30 seconds, the light begins to blink, and it will start the restarting process.

Repair your Toshiba TV Remote

If your TV remote is not paired properly, there may be a performance issue. Make sure that your TV remote is paired properly. To pair your remote to your TV, follow these instructions.

1. Point the remote towards the TV and press and hold the home button or pairing button for 25 seconds

2. Now, enter the 4-digit TV code to pair the remote with the TV. If you don’t have any codes, try 1045,1058, and 1073.

Update your Toshiba TV

Make sure to update your TV to the latest version because the older version of the TV may lead to poor performance and even brings in issues.

Power Cycle

A complete power cycle is required for the TV to clear the network connection, which will improve the functionality of your Toshiba TV. So kindly switch off your device, unplug the cable from the power source and wait for a while and then plug the cable back in and restart the TV to see if the problem gets solved.

Contact Help Support

If any of these above steps are not working, then you kindly contact the customer support of Toshiba. They will definitely solve your issue. To contact Toshiba, call (855) 527-2411.

You shall try out the fixes one by one to fix the Toshiba Fire TV edition Remote not working issue. Sometimes, you come across a Toshiba Fire TV remote control not working and only the power button works. In that case, resetting your remote will do wonders. The above fixes will help you resolve other remote-related issues.


What do you do when your Toshiba remote stops working?

Check out the remote batteries or replace them with the new one, reset your remote, or power cycle your Toshiba TV.

How do I fix the remote sensor on my Toshiba TV?

Resetting the remote will help in fixing the sensor issue.

Will any Toshiba remote work on Toshiba TV?

Yes. Toshiba remotes are compatible with all Toshiba model TV.

How do I fix the volume on my Toshiba Fire TV?

Power cycle your Toshiba TV completely and this resolves the volume issue.

Why is Toshiba Fire TV Remote Voice Control not working?

It might be because the link to your Amazon account has been broken. So, you need to refresh it by deregistering the Fire TV and registering it back.