Twitter on Apple TV: How to Install and Share Tweets

Apple TV is one of the few smart TVs to be compatible with Twitter, the most popular social media platform. It is all you need to stay tuned to trending videos, live feeds, and other viral videos. But you may not be able to tweet directly with Twitter on Apple TV. You can link your Apple TV and your iOS device to tweet and watch the feeds on the Twitter app at the same time with the split-screen feature. The timeline gets displayed on one side of the Split Screen once your iOS device is connected to your TV.

There is an alternative method to read your tweet on your Apple TV. For this, you can install the best available Twitter client to do the same. The best Twitter client is TV Tweets and is available for your Apple TV. So, you can install the application from the App Store on your Apple TV. It is to note that the TV Tweets app is used only to read tweets. But, you have to consider the TV Tweets as an alternative option and install the official Twitter app for your tvOS.

How to Install Twitter on Apple TV

1. Setup your Apple TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Select the App Store from the home screen.

Select the App Store.

3. Select the Search icon.

Select the Search icon.

4. Search for Twitter in the Search Bar.

5. Choose the same application tile from the search result.

6. Select the Get button to install the application.

7. After installation, open the application and watch the trending videos.

Open the Twitter app on your APPLE tv.

Note: There is no need to log in to Twitter to watch videos.

How to Tweet on Apple TV

1. Connect your Apple TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Download and launch the Twitter application on your Apple TV from the App Store.

3. Select any live or trending video.

4. Now, long press for 3 seconds using your Siri remote.

5. Then, you can see your Twitter feed on a split-screen on your TV.

6. Select anyone to tweet and link your iOS device.

7. Now, you can retweet, send images, and GIFs at the same time while watching the live or trending videos.

Use Twitter on Apple TV.

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Alternative Method – Twitter on Apple TV

1. Install the TV Tweets app from the App Store.

Install the TV Tweets application.

2. Then, open the application.

3. Select the Authorize Twitter button. A QR Code will be displayed on the screen.

4. Scan the QR Code from your iOS device.

5. Note down the Authorization PIN.

6. Now, select the Enter PIN from the Twitter button.

7. Enter the Authorization PIN.

8. Now, you can read the tweet timeline on your Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Twitter available for Apple TV?

Yes, it is available for your Apple TV.

2. Can I tweet using Twitter on Apple TV?

No, but you can connect your iOS device tweet while watching the live videos on Twitter on tvOS.

3. Is there an alternative app to access Twitter on my tvOS?

Yes, you can install the TV Tweets for your tvOS access Twitter.