How to Stream Vevo on Apple TV [ Possible Ways]

Vevo on Apple TV

Vevo is the world’s biggest music platform that almost contains music videos of all languages. The popular music videos of singers like Justin Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, Shawn Mendes, etc., are owned by Vevo. The users can also get access to the Vevo videos on YouTube for free. However, there will be ads displayed in between the videos. Almost 80 % of music videos on YouTube belong to Vevo. The well-designed UI is another impressive factor of Vevo. The quality and sound of Vevo videos will be top-notch. Streaming Vevo on Apple TV gives a cinematic experience to the users.

Vevo is the best platform to stream all your favorite music for free. As the Vevo app is only available for tvOS, iOS users cannot download the app. However, they can stream Vevo videos through the YouTube app. For tvOS users, they can download the app directly from the App Store. The users can also use the screen mirroring method to stream Vevo videos on Apple TV. In addition to the above methods, the most simple way to watch Vevo videos is by using the YouTube app on Apple TV.

How to Install Vevo App on Apple TV

1) Turn on your Apple TV.

2) Search for App Store on the home screen or tap Search to find the App Store.

3) Launch App Store on Apple TV.

Select App Store on Apple TV

4) Tap the Search bar and type Vevo using the virtual keyboard.

5) Locate the Vevo app from the search results and select it.

Install Vevo on Apple TV

6) Tap Get to download the Vevo app on your device.

7) After the installation process, open the app.

8) Once you’re in, you’ll get access to tons of Vevo music videos.

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How to Screen Mirror Vevo on Apple TV

Before following this method, Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. As you’re playing YouTube on a Safari browser, an improper internet connection can cause issues while playing the video. So, use an active WIFI or internet connection to mirror the Vevo music app to tvOS.

1) Connect your iPhone and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

2) On your iPhone, Go to the Control Center option.

3) You’ll find the option Screen Mirroring. Tap it.

Tap Screen Mirroring

4) Tap your Apple TV name displayed on your iPhone screen.

5) Your Apple TV shows the passcode on the center of the screen.

6) Enter the passcode on your iPhone.

7) Now, your iPhone screen is mirrored to your Apple TV.

8) Using the Safari browser on your iPhone, visit

9) Search for your desired Vevo music video on YouTube.

10) Play the Vevo music video.

11) As your iPhone screen is mirrored to Apple TV, you’ll see the music video on Apple TV.

Quick Tip: You can also screen mirror Vevo videos from the YouTube app. For this, you should download the YouTube app on your iPhone and mirror the videos to your Apple TV.

Bonus: How to Watch Vevo Videos on Apple TV using YouTube

1) Launch App Store on your Apple TV.

2) Tap the search bar and type YouTube on the search box.

Install YouTube app  to stream Vevo videos

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3) Click Get to install the YouTube app on your Apple TV.

4) Launch the app and sign in using your credentials. You can also skip this step and can watch videos without signing in.

5) Select the search box and type your desired artist’s name to watch Vevo music videos. You can also visit their official YouTube channel to stream videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I watch Vevo videos on Apple TV?

Yes. You can stream all Vevo videos on Apple TV by installing the official Vevo app from the App Store.

2) Do I need to pay to watch Vevo videos?

No. Vevo does not ask for any purchases. All the videos on Vevo are free with ad-supported.