How to Stream Vimeo on Apple TV [2 Easy Ways]

Vimeo on Apple TV

Nowadays, YouTube is showing too many ads while streaming videos. To get ad-free streaming on YouTube, you have to buy YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month. Instead, you can use Vimeo to get ad-free streaming. Vimeo subscription starts from $7 per month. Vimeo app is available on the App Store, and you can install the Vimeo app on Apple TV with ease.

App Store for Apple TV is only available on the new models of Apple TV like 4th Gen. For older Apple TV models like Apple TV 3rd Gen or lower, you have to AirPlay the Vimeo app from your iPhone or iPad.

Procedure to Install Vimeo on Apple TV

(1) On your Apple TV, open the App Store.

App Store

(2) Go to the Search option on the top to get the Search Bar.

Search option

(3) On the Search Bar, type Vimeo and search for it.

(4) Select the Vimeo app from the list of apps.

Vimeo on Apple TV

(5) On the next screen, tap the Install icon to install the Vimeo app.

Install button

(6) After the installation, tap the Open icon to launch the Vimeo app.

Open button

How to Activate Vimeo on Apple TV

(1) Open the Vimeo app on your TV.

(2) Tap the Log In or Join icon.

Log In or Join button

(3) The Vimeo activation code will appear on the TV screen. Note down the code.

Vimeo on Apple TV

(4) Take your PC or smartphone and go to the Vimeo Activation website.

(5) Enter the Vimeo activation code on the webpage and click the Connect Server button.

Vimeo on Apple TV

(6) Now, on your Apple TV, the Vimeo app will get activated.

(7) Click the Start Watching button to explore the Vimeo app.

Start watching button

Procedure to Watch Vimeo Private Videos on Apple TV

Vimeo has the option to store your private videos in the account. All the private videos stored on your account won’t appear on the search list. If you want to watch your private videos, you have to enter the password that you have set for the video. To do so,

(1) Open your email account that you are using for your Vimeo.

(2) You will find the link to stream the private videos from Vimeo.

(3) Go to the link on your PC and enter the correct password to watch the video.

(4) While watching the video, click the Clock icon and tap the Add To Watch Later option.

(5) Now, the video will be added to your watchlist.

(6) Open the Vimeo app on your Apple TV and go to Watch Later list.

(7) You will find all the private videos that are added to the Watch Later list.

(8) Pick a video and enter the password to watch the private Vimeo video on your TV.

Alternate Way to Stream Vimeo on Apple TV

(1) On your iPhone or iPad, install the Vimeo app from the App Store.

(2) Connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

(3) Open the Vimeo app on your iPhone or iPad.

Vimeo on Apple TV

(4) Choose any video from the app. On the playback screen, tap the AirPlay icon.

AirPlay icon

(5) On the list of devices, choose your Apple TV.

(6) After that, the Vimeo video will appear on your Apple TV.

With the Vimeo app, you get to watch all the trending and on-demand videos on your Apple TV. Get the Vimeo app or AirPlay the Vimeo app to your TV using this guide. Access the Vimeo private videos by adding them to the Watch Later list. Have any doubts about the Vimeo app, ping us in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vimeo available on Apple TV?

Yes, the Vimeo app is officially available on the App Store.

2. How do I cast Vimeo to my Smart TV?

As the Vimeo app is cast-enabled, you can Chromecast Vimeo to any smart TVs that have built-in cast support.