How to Get Web Browser for Apple TV [Different Ways]

Web Browser for Apple TV

Apple has designed Apple TV in such a way the user can take control of what and how to watch. Like most Apple devices, Apple TV was highly secured. Until the third-generation Apple TV, users were able to use only the stock apps. It is with the fourth-generation Apple TV models, and users are given a chance to install apps from the App Store. While the App Store has listed a wide range of apps under different categories, you will not find any web browser for Apple TV. Unlike iOS or Mac, Apple TV doesn’t feature any built-in Safari browser as well. It is because the company believes that surfing on TV using the remote control isn’t a comfortable option for its users. So, you cannot search the internet from your Apple TV. However, this section covers the workaround or alternative ways to get a web browser on Apple TV.

Web Browser for Apple TV

If you are looking for ways to browse from Apple TV, then there exists more than one way. However, this might need some external devices like iPhone, iPad, or Mac PC.

  • AirBrowser
  • AirPlay
    • iOS
    • Mac

Web Browser for Apple TV: Using AirBrowser

If you don’t want to screen mirror the contents you surf from iOS to Apple TV using AirPlay on someone’s presence, then AirBrowser is all you need. With AirBrowser, you will get a browser on your Apple TV screen while iPhone or iPad can be used for controls and keyboard. But the AirBrowser costs $4.99 on the App Store.

1. Launch AirBrowser app on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t own it, then get it from App Store.

2. When asked to Connect Second Screen, open Control Center and select the Screen Mirroring icon.

3. Click on the Apple TV name on the Screen Mirroring pop-up window.

4. With this, your Apple TV will display the browser while your iPhone shows the URL bar.

5. Click on the URL bar on iOS and search or browse for any website

6. The search result will appear on your Apple TV.

In order to navigate, use the following options:

  • Swipe upwards with two finger’s to scroll down.
  • Press the back arrow available at the top to go to the previous page.
  • Use one finger to track the link and tap to click a link.
  • Tap on the central icon with nine dots to view all the tabs.
  • Swipe between two options at the bottom to view the site.

Similarly, you can also use Web for Apple TV or AirWeb to mirror the browser to your Apple TV.

Web Browser for Apple TV: Using AirPlay

AirPlay is the screen mirroring feature that comes in all Apple devices. With this, you can screen mirror browser to Apple TV screen. All it requires is to connect the screen mirroring device (iOS or Mac) and Apple TV to the same internet or Wi-Fi connection. Get to know the steps to AirPlay browser to Apple TV from iOS and Mac PC.

Web Browser for Apple TV: From iOS

1. Unlock your iOS device and launch Control Center from top or bottom based on the model you own.

2. Make a tap on the Screen Mirroring icon among the list of available options.

Choose Apple TV

3. On the Screen Mirroring window, select the Apple TV to continue.

Select Screen Mirroring

4. When prompted for AirPlay Code, enter the code that appears on your Apple TV.

5. Now, launch the Safari web browser app on your iPhone and search or browse for any content.

6. You have to rotate your iOS device to Landscape mode to thereby navigating the browser screen on your Apple TV.

Web Browser for Apple TV: Using Mac

1. On your Mac PC, navigate on its menu bar at the top to click on the AirPlay icon.

2. Select the Apple TV from the list of available devices.

3. Enter the AirPlay code as displayed on your Apple TV.

Select AirPlay icon

4. With this, your Mac display will get optimized with respect to Apple TV.

5. Hover to open the Safari browser on macOS, and the same will be screen mirrored to Apple TV.

If you want, you can also use the Split-screen feature on Mac to get two screens. One for Mac and another one for Apple TV. In this way, you can get to browse the internet and watch movies at the same time. To do so,

1. Go to System Preferences on Mac PC and select Display.

2. Click Arrangement and check out the Mirror Displays check box.

Web Browser for Apple TV

3. Wait for the screen to flash off and on. This will stop screen mirroring.

4. Choose the screen under the Arrangement tab, and you can drag it in the specified direction.

5. With this, the browser will appear on the Apple TV screen.

6. Use a separate (wireless) mouse and keyboard to surf the web from Apple TV.

If you really want a web browser on your Apple Tv, you can Jailbreak your Apple TV and then install a browser. But jailbreaking will make your Apple TV weaker and open to vulnerabilities.

That was all the working methods in which you can access a web browser on your Apple TV. We hope it was a help to let you browse contents from the Apple TV screen. Finding any difficulties or facing any issues? Connect with us through the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Can you get a web browser on Apple TV?

From the App Store, you can’t. But you can screen mirror a browser from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac PC.

2. Can you AirPlay Safari?

Yes, you can. With the built-in Screen Mirroring feature, you can mirror the Safari browser to your Apple TV.