How to Install YouTube Kids on JVC Smart TV

Do you want to keep your kids engaged with entertainment and learning? As managing kids is really a challenging and difficult task, YouTube introduces a great app called YouTube Kids, which is specially made for entertaining kids and toddlers. The app is completely a safe and family-friendly app that is created by a well-trained engineering team, based on human reviews, and parent’s feedback. As YouTube Kids can be installed on all streaming devices, which even includes JVC Smart TV. You can get the YouTube Kids app on both JVC Android and JVC Roku TV.

In YouTube Kids, you have a parental control option where the parents can block the videos and set the viewing time. When the timer exceeds, the app will notify the alter “Times Up.” By subscribing to the premium membership, kids can watch their favorite video without any ads. You can create up to eight kid profiles based on recommendations, settings, and preferences.

Install YouTube Kids on JVC Android TV

[1] Connect your JVC Android TV to a good internet connection.

[2] Select the Apps section from your home screen.

Apps section - YouTube Kids on JVC Smart TV

[3] Next to that, swipe to the right side and select the Play Store icon.

Play Store

[4] On the top of the screen, you will see the Lens icon, click on it.

[5] Now, type YouTube Kids in the given box.

[6] Pick the YouTube kids app and click the Install button.

[7] After installation, click the Open option.

[8] Now, the YouTube Kids app will get appear on your JVC smart TV, which is ready to stream.

Install YouTube Kids on JVC Roku TV

[1] Switch on your JVC Roku TV and press the Home button.

[2] Navigate to the Streaming channel and click on it.

[3] Then, click the Search channel option by scrolling down.

[4] Now, start to type the YouTube Kids app name in the search bar.

Search YouTube Kids on JVC Smart TV

[5] Select the YouTube Kids app.

[6] Finally, click Add channel, and the app will successfully get install and appear on your JVC Roku TV.

[7] Entertain your kid with the YouTube Kids app.

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1. Can you use YouTube Kids on TV?

YouTube Kids app supports all smart TVs. All you need is a good internet connection to download the app.

2. How do I enable casting on YouTube Kids?

If you want to cast, just select the Settings option and toggle the Cast icon.