How to Install & Watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

Watch YouTube on Vizio TV

Vizio came up with the Smart TV that offers various content from a number of streaming channels. There are various models that stream high-quality 4K video with SmartCast Home. Let us see how to watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV which is very simple and easy.

Watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

There are few ways to install and watch YouTube on a Vizio smart TV. Lets discuss all the methods in brief.

SmartCast Home

Watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV
  • Latest Vizio Smart TVs have an inbuilt YouTube application with which you can enjoy YouTube content on your TV screen. Whereas previous generations TVs don’t have this future.
  • SmartCast Home is nothing but the Home screen of your Vizio TV. To open this Press the Input button then choose SmartCast. Or on your remote press the V key or Home key that is available on the center of your remote.
  • You can find all the available applications. Select the YouTube Login or Sign up and enjoy your contents.

Download YouTube TV Application

Yahoo Content Store is where you can search and download your desired applications on your Vizio Smart TV.

YouTube TV - Watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV
  • In older and later versions Smart TV press the V button to navigate to Menu options. Then Select Widgets (If TV is too old) or Install App (for previous-gen ration TVs).
  • Scroll through the available Widgets to find YouTube. Open the menu specific to YouTube and then select Install App.
  • Or Install App find search and find YouTube and then get the app.
  • After download completion, you can find the YouTube application on your Home Screen.
  • On opening the YouTube App, a code will appear on your TV screen. Open and login in YouTube Set up. Enter the code on the box.
Google Activation Code - Watch YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

Now you can enjoy the contents on your smart TV.

Using Third party Streaming Devices

Third Party Streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast can be used to stream YouTube on your Vizio Smart TV.

  • Connect the Streaming device to the WiFi same that of your Mobile phone or Computer.
  • Plugin the streaming device to your TV through HDMI Port. Some Vizio TVs come up with Built-in Chromecast.
  • Now on your Mobile or computer go to YouTube and log in.
  • Set up YouTube on Streaming Device. YouTube app on Television >> Login to YouTube Setup >> Enter the code visible on your TV. Now YouTube will be streamed on Vizio Smart TV.

And yeah those are few methods to enjoy 4K YouTube Videos on Vizio Smart. Let us know your experience in the comment section below.