How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on LG TV

YouTube TV Not Working on LG TV

YouTube TV is one of the best replacements for cable TV. ItĀ features various on-demand videos like movies, TV shows, and various live TV channels. It comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage to save and watch content later. The app is available on your smartphones, tablet, streaming devices, and smart TVs, including LG Smart TV. However, there are times when you will find YouTube TV not working on LG Smart TV. The reason may vary from one user to another. Thankfully we have a number of troubleshooting solutions that helps in fixing the problem.

How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on LG Smart TV

  • Check the Internet
  • Restart LG Smart TV
  • Update YouTube TV
  • Uninstall the YouTube TV
  • Device Compatibility
  • Clear YouTube TV Cache
  • Change DNS Server
  • Check YouTube TV Server
  • Reset LG Smart TV

Check the Internet

When your internet connection is unstable or slow, then the video will not get loaded. As YouTube TV needs a strong internet connection to stream the videos, if you have a network connection with a slow speed, you need to change your network. You can restart your router or modem. Just unplug the router or modem power cablesĀ and wait for 30 seconds. Then, re-plug the router back in and turn on the router or modem and see if the YouTube TV works properly.

Restart LG Smart TV

Sometimes if there is any problem with your LG smart TV, you might get the issue. For this, you can restart the LG Smart TV to clear the bugs and temporary glitches. Just remove the LG TV cable cord from the power socket and wait for a few minutes. Then, connect the cable power cord back to the socket and launch the YouTube TV app. If YouTube TV still does not work still, then move to the next steps.

Update YouTube TV

If you are running the outdated version YouTube app, then you will get the error while streaming. So, update the app regularly. To do so,

  • On your LG Smart TV, go to LG Content Store and click on the Apps section.
  • Search for the YouTube TV app and select it from the list.
  • Click on the Update option, if available.

Uninstall the YouTube TV

If any of the above steps is working, you can uninstall the app and install the YouTube TV on LG Smart TV again from the LG Content Store.

[1] Turn on your LG Smart TV and make sure the TV is connected to the internet.

[2] Open the LG Content Store and go to the Apps section.

 YouTube TV Not Working on LG TV- Go to LG Content Store

[3] Search for the YouTube TV app and press the Up arrow.

[4] Click the X button and this will uninstall the app.

[5] Now go back to the LG Content Store on your TV and install the app again.

[6] Finally, launch the YouTube TV app and check whether the app is working.

Device Compatibility

YouTube TV is available only in the selected LG TV model. You will find the YouTube TV app in the LG content store in 2016 or later model. So, if the YouTube TV does not show on your TV, it means that the app is not compatible with your TV. Also, make sure the LG Smart TV is updated to the latest webOS version.

Clear YouTube TV Cache

On the course of usage, live TV streaming apps like Sling TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV will store a lot of cache files and cookies for smooth streaming. Over a period of time, these caches and cookies will affect your LG TV’s performance. So, you need to clear caches on LG Smart TV frequently. To do so,

[1] Press the Home button on the LG remote.

[2] Go to the System Settings option.

[3] Choose Application Manager under the System Settings menu.

[4] You will get the list of installed apps on your LG TV.

[5] Select the YouTube TV app and choose Clear Cache.

[6] This will delete all the cache files and cookies stored in the YouTube TV app.

Change DNS Server

If you have any network issues with your LG TV, you have to change the DNS settings. To do so,

[1] Go to the Settings page and choose Network settings.

[2] Select WiFi and choose Advanced WiFi Settings.

[3] Click Edit and untick the Set Automatically box.

[4] Choose DNS Server and enter Then, tap on Connect.

[5] If it is not connecting, turn on the IPV6 option in the WiFi settings.

Check YouTube TV Server

Make sure to check the YouTube TV server, If it is down or under maintenance. You can use the Downdetector tool to check it.

Reset LG Smart TV

If none of the above steps is working, you can perform the factory reset on your LG Smart TV. Before performing a factory reset in LG Smart TV, make sure you have taken a backup of our personal files on the external drive.

[1] Go to the Settings option on your LG TV home screen.

[2] Scroll down and click the All Settings option.

Select All Settings

[3] Select the General Tab and click Reset to initial Settings and tap OK.

 click Reset to initial Settings

[4] Your LG TV will reset to its factory settings.


1. Why is YouTube TV not working on LG TV?

This happens due to poor internet connection, outdated version app, or overloaded cache files.

2. Does YouTube TV work on LG Smart TV?

Yes. YouTube TV is available on LG Smart TV 2016 and later model.